Do you subscribe to Architectural Digest? If so did you see the full page on George and The Cleary Company in the October issue? We share the reason we treat our clients as if they are a part of our family. George talks about how The Cleary Company, your Columbus, OH remodeling company, got its first clients in 1994 and how this ended up laying the groundwork for a philosophy that our Team still embraces today.

Notable Quotes from George:

“Once clients hire us, they become part of our family”

“Because we treat every client’s home like our own, we understand today’s decisions will impact tomorrow’s dreams”

Through our Remodel Design Build process takes the time to get to know our clients’ lifestyles, needs and goals for their home and incorporates them into their project. We understand that remodeling can be stressful, and there are many emotional ups and downs. To help our clients navigate these phases of remodeling, our app keeps them updated on schedule changes, allows them to view progress photos and logs as well as make payments even when they are on vacation. This ability to stay connected, coupled with our incredible team of skilled professionals helps ensure client satisfaction and in most cases clients for life. In fact, over 70% of the projects we’re building in 2017 are from repeat clients and referrals from past or current clients!

The truth about home remodeling, is that it can be a hard and messy process, but treating clients like family helps ensure the final product and client experience are exceptional. Contact our Team and you’ll be treated like family too!

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