3 Reasons a Career in Remodeling at The Cleary Company is a Top Choice for Industry Professionals

There are many jobs and careers available within the remodeling, construction and building industries in central Ohio. The Cleary Company is hiring year-round to meet the demand for our services by homeowners in the Columbus Ohio metro area! Opportunities abound for those with the ambition, skills and initiative to grow in the fun and fast-paced residential remodeling industry. It’s truly wonderful to work for The Cleary Company!

What sets us apart? Everyone wants to be part of the best and work for a reputable company. We work hard to be the best remodeling company in central Ohio for both our clients and our employees. Our Team enjoys fostering relationships, having fun, being the best at what we do, and doing it with passion. Those are some of the reasons our employees stay with us for many years.

Our three goals for being a great employer are simple, and yet, profound in that simplicity. What are these goals? And, what do some of our Team members and clients say about our goals and our work?

Ensure a superior, respectful company culture:

This is our touchpoint, the value that consistently reveals itself through our work, our reviews, and our commitment to our clients’ and Team members’ well-being. We respect everyone we meet, listen to everyone’s needs and wants, and ensure we not only work hard, but play hard as well. Read on to see what our Team says about our culture.

Eric Isler, Project Manager, sums up his support and growth with the company this way. “The Cleary Company has put me in situations where I can both succeed and be challenged, by surrounding me with very talented people. Everything we do in remodeling is unique and different, but we have great resources to get us through those challenges.“ Eric goes on to say the culture of the company is a true benefit to working here. “George Cleary does a great job instilling a great atmosphere to work in. He hires great people and it’s a great Team to work with.”

Leonor Carrasco, Production Manager, reiterates our core belief. “The Cleary Company has shown me how to improve the lives of others. This is our core belief and we do it every day by designing, building, managing projects and trade partners, and getting homes remodeled and upgraded. It improves my life every day by what we do.” She adds, “There is support here at The Cleary Company and we are a Team. There is a path for each one of us.”

Luis Martinez, Project Consultant, faced some challenges working at other companies, but has found more support here. “At some other companies where I’ve worked, it can be hard to find someone to talk to about an issue with a certain part of a project, or just something personal, and get a solution without feeling like I’m alone. I found I had to schedule a meeting just to talk about what I needed. Here at The Cleary Company, I’ve found many members on my Team that I can talk to and collaborate with.”

Maintain an industry leading client experience:

We wouldn’t be who we are without positive client experiences. From the first phone call, to conversations during the project, and the follow up call a year after a project is completed, we are here for our clients. We believe our Team is the reason our clients are not only thrilled with their remodeled spaces, but their interactions with our Team during the entire remodeling process.

Luis sums it up this way. “I love going to clients’ houses and putting myself in their situations, then collaborating with our Team, to come up with a good plan to help them. I also really love meeting the clients’ dogs!” And that is true, Luis is always the first one to greet our clients’ dogs.

Leonor reflects on what she thought after reading and watching our clients’ reviews online. “I loved hearing how clients talk about us after their remodel and I thought it’s a reflection of the people working for The Cleary Company.” This was one of the reasons she chose to work with us.

Client reviews

Client reviews are important. The following Guild Quality survey responses validate our client experiences and their interaction with our Team. Do you see yourself working with our Team?

  • Pretty much in every area, they were top notch from start to finish. I can see why they have such a strong reputation. I think it’s a reflection of George’s involvement in the company and his expectations for his employees. He has good people working for him. It was a wonderful experience, and we have a great final product.
  • The remodeling, skill sets, and the pleasantness of the crews were just as great as the outcome in all 4 of the projects that The Cleary Company completed for me. They took my suggestions and worked very well with me. I’ve been a client for over 20 years!
  • This company is nothing but professional and honest. It was a pleasure working with the entire team. We never had any reservations about the quality or satisfactory completion of our project from beginning to end. Our strongest recommendation goes out to anyone interested in a top-notch job.
  • The design team took in all our ideas and created a great plan for meeting our needs. The Cleary Company was recommended to me by a friend and I would also recommend them to a friend.

We love what Pete Mossman, bath2BATH Project Manager, has to say about our raving fans. “The hidden gem for The Cleary Company is our pride in the whole field of remodeling. Other remodelers can make beautiful projects, but The Cleary Company really wants to make home remodeling a great experience, giving the client all they’ve really wanted and even more! A relationship that is more than a “nice” project. This is what sets us apart.”

Design and Build beautiful, functional projects that meet the needs of our clients:

This third point is at the crux of what we do every day ­– remodel homes and build the dreams of our clients. In order to complete these projects, we need people that share that drive and vision. Our projects speak for themselves but we are nothing without our amazing Team. We rely on our Team’s ability to work together to create inspiring designs and build beautiful remodels.

“The Cleary Company doesn’t aspire to be huge, just the best. They value creating a relationship with their employees that makes everyone happy. As the saying goes, You don’t work a day of your life if you love what you do.,” says Luis.

  • Are you someone who is willing to learn?
  • Do you have skills that need a new place grow?
  • Are you ready to work?
  • Are you ready to be a part of a Team that feels like family?

If your answers are all yes, then we are ready to talk with you about beginning your career here at The Cleary Company. Give us a call at 614.459.4000 or visit the careers page our website for more information!