Making a major change to your home can be exciting and rewarding. It can also seem overwhelming. There are many ways to approach a remodeling project. Some of the most common are DiY or hiring a handyman, jack of all trades, or general contractor. For larger, more complex projects there are two options – hire an architect and/or designer and then a general contractor or hire a Design-Build remodeling firm.

Most people think that the design and the construction of a remodel project are two separate disciplines that require hiring multiple companies, but they do not have to be. In fact, in most cases it’s better if they are not! With a Design-Build approach to remodeling, one company is responsible for the entire project. There is a true collaboration with a Team of professionals working with you from initial concept, architecture, material selections, permitting and construction. Throughout the process, your budget is respected by your designated Team.

In contrast, working with a general contractor begins with you first finding an architect and/or designer who may or may not know what things cost or what things might be overly complex and costly to build. In this scenario, you will be responsible for arranging the selection and delivery for many of your project’s materials, fixtures, appliances, etc. This approach typically ends up costing you more energy, time and money.

Design-Build Defined

The term “Design-Build” is used in many different industries today. A company using a Design-Build model of business is basically a “one-stop-shop” or “turn-key” firm. In the remodeling industry, this means one company is responsible for the design, planning and estimating of a project, as well as the scheduling and construction of a project. A truer budget target is established at the front end. Costs of various scenarios are discussed, giving you options. You can then make educated decisions on whether adding a more expensive feature is actually worth the extra money.

This approach differs from the more traditional approach of hiring an architect and/or design firm to create plans for a remodel of your home. You then bid the plans out to one or more general contractors whom you then hire to manage the construction of your project.

At The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build in Columbus Ohio, we collaborate with you on any project, large or small, residential or light commercial. Our Team walks with you every step of the way while utilizing decades of design and remodeling experience. Our process ensures organization, timeliness, communication, and a high level of skilled craftsmanship. We take care of it all – initial concept through construction. We live and love the details!

Benefits of Design-Build

  • Communication is with one company from start to finish.
  • A Team approach to your project.
  • Savings of your time & energy.
  • Planning, Design & Value Engineering for your budget.
  • Detailed Scope of Work & Construction Drawings.
  • Clear certainty of your project’s price.

Which approach is right for your remodel?

Consider all of your options and understand the pros and cons of each. Whatever approach you decide to take for your next remodeling project, we recommend doing research and educating yourself. There’s 24/7/365 access to information these days online but it’s also smart to get recommendations from those you know. Ask a friend, neighbor or co-worker how their experience was with the company they last hired.

Consider these three questions we believe you should be able to answer “yes” to before hiring your remodeler.

  1. Am I comfortable with the people who will be in my home for weeks, possibly months?
  2. Do I trust the people and the process outlined by the remodeler for my project?
  3. Do I understand all the costs and potential over-runs for the project I desire?

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Watch this video of a Design-Build project our Team completed.