Have you always been interested in building and creating? As a kid, did you like using scraps of wood to build birdhouses, ramps, or a playhouse? And perhaps now you enjoy fixing things in your home, either plumbing or electrical. Is painting a room your happy place? Maybe it’s time for a career change to work in the building industry. Especially if, you like to work with your hands, utilize your brain in new and different ways, and work hard.

At The Cleary Company, we love what we do! From designing a remodeled home, to constructing the plan for our client’s dream living space. We revel in solving problems, working with our hands and brains, and being a part of a dynamic Team.

General Manager at The Cleary Company Remodel – Design – Build, Aaron Enfinger, CR, shares important information to help guide you in your journey to join the construction and remodeling industries.

Education and experience

  • For the construction field, nothing replaces experience. Building knowledge is important but being able to perform on the crew is your foot in the door.
  • Find ways to be on a jobsite as an apprentice or laborer. This is the quickest way to learn the knowledge you will need.
  • A trade school or community college may be important to you in order to learn more terminology and concepts and advance your career in a specialized field. One thing to consider is attending a trade school while working on the job.
  • Gaining employment in interior design and architecture usually does require specific education in design. However, The Cleary Company has hired people not formally educated in interior design or architecture. These employees had committed themselves to learning the industry and excelling regardless of the course of study they had pursued as a student. (Though this is an exception, as most have received a college education.)

Getting started with school and/or a job

  • Find a company you respect and approach them. Ask what it would take to work in the building industry for them. Can you shadow someone to get a sense of the job you want to do? Show a true desire and initiative to work in the industry and at their company specifically.
  • Network! Find industry associations where you can attend meetings and get to know who the great companies are in the area. NARI of Central Ohio is the local industry association in Columbus OH and provides a great way to meet some of the successful companies and people in the industry.
  • Jobs are landed through connections. Be proactive in making many connections. Ask family and friends as well as people working in local tool, woodworking and construction stores around town to find someone who knows who is hiring.
  • Start to build your collection of tools to show how motivated you are to those that are willing to give you a chance.
  • Read publications to learn the jargon and search out opportunities on social media for learning the basics.
  • If school is going to be your route, talk with graduates and track their career path. Make sure a program combines theory with practical application. Someone understanding that studs are on 16” centers is different than being able to read prints and then layout and build wall sections.

Financial opportunities

  • If you are motivated and possess an entrepreneurial spirit, there are many opportunities to build your own business in the construction, building and remodeling industry. Your goal may be to have your own company one day and we can tell you it is possible and financially rewarding if you’re willing to put in the hard work.
  • Working directly for a company is what most people choose to do. You can still earn a comfortable wage and enjoy a fulfilling career working for a great company. According to Indeed, this list gives you an idea of salaries, though this depends greatly on the geographical area of the country.

Finding work

  • Being a hard worker is the key to landing and keeping a great job. Show up to work on time, be present and be willing to learn. Offer to help out in all areas of the company and prove yourself indispensable.
  • We are in a skilled labor shortage in the Columbus, Ohio, area and you will find work here in the construction and building industry. At The Cleary Company, we look for motivated individuals who are willing to learn and have a positive work ethic.

At The Cleary Company our Team enjoys teaching those that choose to join us! Our culture is one of collaboration, a strong work ethic, and a desire to create the very best remodeling projects for our clients. If you want it and are willing to put in the work, the rewards are many.

Check out this online resource for more information as you consider matching your interests with a career in the construction industry. Or visit our Careers page for current open positions!