Join us in celebrating Design Consultants Margot Sheehan & Shannon Tannehill! They both earned Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP) certification from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Preparation for the UDCP test includes attending an 8-hour online course and reviewing the study guide materials provided by NARI. The program addresses the key concepts of Universal Design as applied to residential remodeling:

  • Conducting client needs assessments
  • Universal design applications used in residential remodeling
  • Construction techniques used to implement universal design in a remodeling project
  • Plumbing and electrical systems unique to universal design
  • Differences between model building codes and ones described in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Q&A with Margot & Shannon

As Design Consultants at The Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build in Columbus Ohio, they serve a crucial role on our Project Development Team. Their main role and responsibilities include collaborating with our clients in selecting the fixtures and finishes for their remodel, all the while keeping the client’s needs, style and budget top of mind.

Margot Sheehan – 10+ years industry experience, 2 yrs @ TCC – BS in Fashion Merchandising & Business @ University of Wisconsin

Shannon Tannehill – 6+ years industry experience, 1.5 yrs @ TCC – Interior Design @ The Art Institute of Cincinnati

Why did you decide to take the Universal Design test for certification?

Margot – The world is evolving and Universal Design is a practical leap forward in the evolution of building and design. A typical family contains members of all different ages and abilities. Learning how to incorporate changes so homes have universal appeal for everyone was interesting.

Shannon – To further my education and be able to spot things early on that need to be adjusted for living in place or multigenerational households.

How did you prepare for the UDCP test?

Margot – I attended a 4-week, 2 hour on-line class. After that I read through the study guides available to us.

Shannon – Attending online classes and studying with flashcards.

Why did you choose a career in remodeling?

Margot – My career has always been in design and buying. I worked on the retail apparel and accessories side for many years until I turned my side hustle of home decorating into a career at The Cleary Company. My focus has always been on the client and ensuring they are happy.

Shannon – I have a diverse background in the design world and this role incorporates all my knowledge.

How has TCC supported your growth, both personally and professionally?

Margot – TCC is very passionate about continuing education. We set yearly goals to accomplish this and are awarded for doing so. They encourage learning and are willing to help in any way.

Shannon – TCC has supported my growth with continuing education, job site visits and working with other team members, lots of teamwork! 

What do you believe is the hidden gem of working for TCC?

Margot – The design-build process at TCC is a great fit for people who want one team to help them with the design, product selections, and project management of the build. We want our client to become part of our TCC family forever. Relationships are very important to the success of the company.

Shannon – The team! we all have such unique backgrounds and knowledge that make a dream team for every project.

What do you enjoy the most about working for TCC?

Margot – I enjoy being creative and making the client happy through the entire design-build process.

Shannon – Being around other creative problem solvers and having events that cultivate our role in the community and with our vendors. 

What is NARI Certification?

Passing a comprehensive 90-question examination under the supervision of an examination proctor is the last step to professionals earning a NARI Certification.

Certified professionals represent an elite group of industry experts who possess extensive technical and management skills. These skills set them apart as capable remodeling professionals. Standards and exam questions are developed by leading remodeling experts who are well-versed in technical and management best practices for the remodeling industry.

Why does our Team values industry certifications?

As a trusted Remodel-Design-Build firm in Columbus, Ohio, we believe continuing education is important and the development of our Team is a responsibility we have to our clients. From formal CEU classes administered by our industry partners to informal Lunch-n-Learns hosted by our vendors, throughout each year, our Team regularly participates in webinars and live presentations to improve our knowledge of home remodeling.

Not to mention, data suggests 80% of consumers would choose a remodeling professional who is certified over one who is not.

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