If you’re like many people, your formal dining room is not used or is only used a few times a year. Instead of making it a dumping place for backpacks, mail, or things that need to be put away, why not make it an entertainment hub?

Whether you want to create a lounge for hosting parties or game nights, transforming your formal dining room into a usable space can be a fun and creative project. Our Remodel-Design-Build Team offers these tips and ideas to help get you started!

First Determine Your Needs

  • Do you need more space for entertaining family or friends?
  • Does your family do a lot of gaming?
  • Will you need space for serving food and/or drinks?
  • Does a beverage bar make sense?
  • What audio-visual tech components do you see incorporating?

Once you have determined your needs, a floor plan can be created to help choose the right furniture, glasses and drink accouterments, TV, or gaming systems that will work in the space.

Next, Create Zones & Versatility

Determine your zones based on the needs you identified above. For example, for family entertainment, you might have a seating area, a media area and a bar area. Use furniture and area rugs to visually separate the spaces. Consider modular furniture that can be moved around and tables or ottomans that can double as storage. Seating should be comfortable and fit the activities planned for the space.

Don’t Forget to Plan for Lighting & Storage

How do you want to enhance the atmosphere of the room or the different zones? Combining layers of light that use specific types such as task, ambient, and accent will make all the difference. Even hanging string lights can create a fun atmosphere, especially if the room is going to be used for parties. To learn more about choosing lighting for your home, read our blog post on this subject here!

Incorporate storage solutions for keeping your room organized. Include a variety of storage options such as hanging or standup shelves, cabinets, or dedicated storage units for games, gaming equipment, and books.

Planning Entertainment Accessories

The room’s purpose is entertaining, right? A high-quality television, surround sound, gaming consoles, music and an internet source (think Alexa or Google Nest) will take the entertainment to the next level. Perhaps there are board games, a pool table, cards, a karaoke machine, or a poker table as part of the plan. Make these accessible to guests and your family for fun nights spent at home. The layout is paramount here to take advantage of optimal viewing and accessibility.

The Home Bar

One of the most requested components to a basement, kitchen, family, or dining room remodel is a bar or beverage station. A dry bar is the simplest configuration. This typically includes cabinetry and shelving for storage and a countertop for serving. There may or may not be cold storage for drinks like a mini fridge or fridge drawer. A wet bar typically means that there is a sink with running water in the space as well as having all the components of a dry bar.

Adding a bar to your entertainment hub keeps everything in one place for you and your guests. A refreshment area is a great idea, whether it’s a bar cart, a built-in bar cabinet, or a dedicated countertop with space for storing and serving.

Add Your Finishing Touches

Finally, add personality to make your new space inviting and cozy. Use a bold color for the walls or hang a bold piece of art. Photographs of family vacations, sporting events or hobbies will also bring life to the room. Of course, the rugs, throw pillows, blankets, curtains, and plants you choose will also help to create the right atmosphere for you and your guests.

Have fun and let your creativity shine! After all, it’s a room that hasn’t been used to its potential and repurposing it is going to create endless possibilities for you.

Need help reimagining, designing and building your new entertainment hub? Our Remodel-Design-Build Team is ready to collaborate with you to turn your unused formal dining room into the functional family space you need. Contact our Client Relations Coordinator today to get started! Call 614-459-4000 or visit our website.