Connections – we all have them and we all need them, whether it’s in business or our personal lives. Here at The Cleary Company, we know the connections with our Team, our vendors, and our clients help us navigate our way through our business goals. The connection with our marketing agency, Burgie MediaFusion, has been a successful part of our business for many years. Through dynamic collaboration they help us create brand awareness, refine our message, establish our digital presence and further our success by being a sounding board for our ideas for future growth. This connection with Burgie MediaFusion is one that we are grateful for and appreciate.

Connections – Make the Right Ones

Barb Burgie, owner at Burgie MediaFusion says, “In our lifetime, we migrate in and out of people’s lives, be it in business or personal life. We owe it to our self personally to surround our soul with people who nurture our connections.”

Barb Burgie, owner Burgie MediaFusion Worthington OH

The right connections can help you be a better person and find greater joy in life. As we work to help business and teams succeed, we have learned over the years there are key relationships that help the world move and having a personal connection with a service provider in these areas can help solve most any problem you might have.

Attributes of a good connector include someone who is trustworthy, honest, well respected, influential, charitable, loving, patient and kind. Many of your friends and family are likely already providing you necessary connections but we find ensuring you have the right connectors makes for a better life! Read on for Barb’s top 5 connections every homeowner should have.

Key Connectors:

  1. Healthcare Hero — everyone needs someone who understands the healthcare system, from billing to navigating hospitals and the care needed for loved ones. There is no greater connection than having people in your corner when you need healthcare advice. We advise friends and family to build relationships specific to their particular healthcare needs so if help is needed there is someone who can advocate and help you along the way. We also find our connections keep us healthy by keeping us informed!
  2. Financial Mastermind — the second most important connection to have in our life is someone who understands the world of finance. From bankers to financial planners, having someone who understands numbers and can help you connect the dots is critical.
  3. Home Fixer — you need someone who understands your house. Someone who can help you fix your toilet and find the right realtor when you are looking to move. The rolodex of your home fixer becomes the most important problem solver for any homeowner and that’s where you have won the lottery by having The Cleary Company on your side. They can assist with any problem you have regarding your home because they have spent 25 years building solid relationships with people you can trust.
  4. Calendar Keeper — we suggest finding a connection to someone who knows all those dates you forget. In life, we have found there is always someone who you cross paths within various scenarios who has the answer to who, what, when and where. Keep those connections close because we are all overloaded with submission dates, deadlines and birthdays. Finding the right connector for reminders is a keeper.
  5. Technology Wizard — we all need someone in our lives who can help with our IT and gadget needs to help us keep connected. If you haven’t found the right technology wizard, we suggest doing your research and to identify that right someone.

If there is an area here where you don’t have a solid connection, the team at Burgie MediaFusion is happy to help build these relationships that help you!

Who Are Your Connections?

As you look at your business or family, do you have people who can help you navigate your way through your day? Who can you reach out to for help in one or more of these areas? Here at The Cleary Company, we truly believe our strongest connections help us to educate ourselves and our clients, give back to our community and maintain our connections with all who have come through our doors.

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