Run – Walk – Ride – Volunteer to End Cancer

On Saturday August 22, 2020, George Cleary, owner of The Cleary Company, & Team Cleary Cyclers, hosted their ride and only fundraiser for Pelotonia 2020. The event committee spent weeks scoping out possible routes for a 5k Run / Walk along with 10, 25 & 40-mile Bike Rides to start and finish at The Cleary Company’s headquarters at 989 Old Henderson Road. George gathered a group of eager volunteers to help with serving drinks & snacks to everyone at the finish line. Appreciation and thanks go to Cambria along with the Cleary & Greenlee families for donating all of the food, drinks & supplies! 100% of the funds collected at the event will benefit Pelotonia. Check out all of the photos from the day on The Cleary Company’s Facebook page.

Kudos to all who officially registered for the Team Cleary Cyclers peloton! 4 Riders – George Cleary (captain), Cathy Cleary, George Cleary Jr, Chase Greenlee; plus 20 Virtual riders – Jan Bjornson, Joe Hamlett, John Hamlett, Angela Parker, Ron Scott, Jill Scott, Leonor Carrasco, Theresa Passwater, Jen Sommers, Maureen Cleary-Holmes, Gary Hasenkamp, Robert Raskin, Nate Traucht, Katie Florjancic, Jonathan Neely, Sarah Wilkins, Michael Foley, Tim O’Connor, Emily Scott, Susie Wroble and countless unnamed volunteers. Combined they’ve raised more than $17,400.00 this year to support cancer treatments and research in Columbus, OH.

Team Cleary Cyclers is officially 24 members strong, but we all know there are many more behind the scenes who make events like this a success. George was excited to welcome 70 enthusiastic walkers, riders and volunteers turned out to participate. A special thanks to George’s sister, Kathleen, event manager and cancer survivor!

George Cleary – Why I ride

In 2010 my brother-in-law, Chip Greenlee, encouraged me to join him riding for Pelotonia. Over the last 11 years, I have had many of my friends (Tim, Adam, Sheila, Rick, just to name a few), as well as my mom, die from cancer. Betty, my mom, lost her battle with Leukemia in 2013 and that is when I kicked up my game to begin riding the 2-day 180-200 mile event. I wanted to show her that I could do more by grinding through a second day even though I’m tired and don’t want to get back on that little bike seat. This year to honor Chip and his fight against Glioblastoma brain cancer, I made the decision to start my own Peloton, Team Cleary Cyclers. We’re Riding for Chipper! 

I have optimism and hope to find better treatments and ultimately a cure! A lot of that enthusiasm is due to the leadership efforts and hard work of the Pelotonia staff but also so many more – the dedication of doctors, researchers, interns, volunteers, and those that grind out 25-200 miles every August for the journey to achieve One Goal – kicking cancer’s ass. I get goosebumps thinking of all the supporters, both financially and spiritually. I will see survivors in the country with masks on, no hair in wheelchairs at the end of their driveway ringing a cowbell to encourage each rider to “keep on pedaling”, or the guy holding his sign “thanks for saving my wife”.

This year’s ride was different, not only because of the pandemic, but because my brother-in-law passed away that same day. My passion for the continued support of Pelotonia deepened just bit more. Team Cleary Cyclers continues to raise funds through October 31, 2020 to achieve the ONE GOAL – END CANCER!

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Sadly Chip Greenlee lost his battle with cancer on August 22, 2020.
Read the full obituary here.

One Goal – End Cancer!

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