9th Annual Halloween Costume Contest

If you know George Cleary, owner of The Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build in Columbus Ohio, then you know he loves to have fun at work, especially at Halloween. He’s famous around the office for his hilarious pranks. Even when he’s not physically in the office there’s usually something in a drawer or on a shelf that will make you jump, laugh and sometimes shriek, LOL.

Last Friday, even with George away on vacation, Team Cleary gathered for their annual Costume Contest. This event typically coincides with the monthly breakfast potlucks to celebrate their birthdays and Team-versaries.

Congrats to our winners!

Photos of each Team member who dressed up were posted to our Facebook page. Winners were determined on social media by our followers who voted by engaging with their favorite costume with likes, laughs, shares and comments.

2021 Costume Contest Winners!
  • 1st Place – Elliot w/ET aka Leonor Carrasco, Production Manager
  • 2nd Place – Cruella DeVille aka Coury Sicker, Project Developer/Designer (bath2BATH)
  • 3rd Place – Neon Jellyfish aka Jenn McNeil, Admin Coordinator

Are you looking for a company where you can have fun and create amazing projects that improve clients’ lives? Do you like to dress up for Halloween? We are hiring for many positions and would love the chance to show you who we are! Check our Careers page on our website for details on open positions.