Pleasant memories – this is what comes to mind for Susan as she reflected back on her remodeling experiences with The Cleary Company. Susan has known George Cleary for many years and reached out to him when she wanted to remodel and make several changes to her home. Her goal? To be able to live in her house for the rest of her life.

The Cleary Company is honored to have worked with Susan on many home remodeling projects over the last three years. Susan’s projects have utilized both our Design-Build and Home Services remodel Teams.

Since moving to her forever home in 2019, Susan has hired The Cleary Company for multiple remodeling projects.

Q & A with Susan

What spaces have you remodeled?

It all started with a 6’x18’ extension on the garage that the previous owner built and used as storage. Cleary’s Design-Build Team remodeled it by opening it directly into the house, building a bathroom, as well as a laundry/mudroom. There are plenty of cabinets to hold supplies, coats, dog paraphernalia, and my sweeper and floor polisher. The floor is heated for cold days too!

Home Services Remodel
Rendering new laundry/mudroom & powder room.

Then my main bathroom was too small for my needs and it needed a remodel. An existing adjacent half bath was used to create a large en suite. The zero-entry shower with bench is wonderful and just what I wanted! I chose fun tile and the design looks great!

Home Services Remodel
Rendering new main bathroom en suite.

Additional Home Services remodel projects included: (View more photos on our Facebook profile)

  • In my kitchen, I upgraded to new Cambria countertops and a new tile backsplash.
  • After a leak was discovered in an upstairs bathroom the showerhead was replaced and new tile was added.
  • New stair railing and new front door.
  • Added shutters on exterior windows.
  • Replaced a door from the dining room to the patio. The old door swung in which didn’t function well, so it was replaced with a sliding door. In the process, we found there had been a water leak, so the whole support beam in the floor was rotten and had to be replaced as well.

Coming up next? Replacing an old bar in my family room. Another water leak has led to this project! A new counter, cabinets with glass fronts, improved lighting, and pull-out drawers will create a brand-new look for the bar.

What is your favorite part of your remodeled home?

I love it all! They have taken my home that was built in 1975 and made it so much more livable. The house has 4 bedrooms upstairs and the main bedroom on the first floor. I wanted all my living to be on the first floor, but still have a 5 bedroom house. It’s perfect for my grandchildren or out-of-town friends to visit since they can take over the upstairs bedrooms! 

Why did you choose The Cleary Company to remodel your home?

I’ve known George and his wife, Cathy, since they were in college. Cathy’s parents were two of my best friends. I have always enjoyed George and was excited when he started his remodeling business. I knew his company would be successful. The Cleary Company excels in planning out each part of the project.

You talk with them, they listen and come back with a plan. They listen to changes you want to make and then create the project. I love that they don’t start the work until everything is ordered and in, so there are no gaps. Everything moves along fluidly, with no hiccups. In my opinion, the timing of a project will make it or break it, and their planning reflects this. They don’t start until everything for the job is ready and available.

What is your favorite part of working with The Cleary Company and why?

Everyone that I have met that is part of the company–the project manager, a tile contractor, heating and air conditioning people, carpenters, everyone is supreme. They all know what they’re doing and don’t make mistakes, which I find amazing. The other thing I loved was how they cleaned up after themselves while working. Even the cardboard laid on my wood floors was cleaned daily!

Mike Seyfang, Homes Services Project Manager, is a fabulous carpenter and an amazing person. Justin Juenger, my Design-Build Project Manager, is a great guy. I would give him 17 stars!

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of remodeling their home?

Don’t give it a second thought–work with The Cleary Company. You’ll know it’s going to be done right, be quality work and exceed your expectations! They made it possible for me to be happy here and be able to stay in my house.

If you were asked to explain in one word why you choose to do business with The Cleary Company, what would it be?

That’s easy Integrity.

Three Service Teams for Remodeling Your Home

The Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build in Columbus Ohio is a Team of professionals offering three services for remodeling your home.

  • Design-Build – Our Team takes care of it all – initial concept through construction. Our process ensures organization, timeliness, communication, and a high level of skilled craftsmanship.
  • Home Services – remodeling projects which do not need our design services, projects that are more than a handyman might be able to do, but not as involved as a Design-Build project.
  • bath2BATH – Streamlined remove/replace bathroom remodeling. Professionally curated designs to personalize your bathroom style.