After meeting with several companies at their home and not being satisfied with the information presented, a sighting of a sign in a neighbor’s yard changed the narrative for Mike and Paula of Dublin. They now love to show their remodeled main bathroom to anyone who wants to see it!

How do they feel about their remodeling journey, the quality of the work and the end result? We asked them to share their thoughts and experience so you can understand why they love their new bathroom!

Bathroom Remodeling with The Cleary Company

Why did you hire The Cleary Company for your bathroom remodel?

After meeting with a few companies and reviewing some estimates, we just weren’t pleased with what we’d heard and seen. Coincidentally, Aaron Enfinger, (Chief Operations Officer for The Cleary Company) is our neighbor. He had a sign in his yard and we talked with him about our needs.

We visited their bathroom design studio. The materials were the quality we were searching for, and we really liked the people. A key difference for us was being able to see and touch all of the materials we selected. The other companies we talked with had just come to the house with photos of the materials.

What did you like best about their remodeling process?

The quality of products our Designer proposed was exactly what we wanted for our bathroom. A no-pressure sales tactic was a welcome change and being able to easily select from the curated materials and design we wanted sealed the deal!

What was your favorite part of working with their bathroom remodeling Team?

We really appreciated their attention to detail. The team taped off the areas of our home that needed protection for the remodeling of our main bathroom that is off of our bedroom. They took care of everything!

As messy as a remodel can be, they kept everything neat and tidy. The managers came to check on the progress of the project. Everyone that worked in the house was very professional, polite, and even greeted our dog every day. From the first time visiting the showroom to sitting and talking with Thomas and the team, everything was handled professionally.

The entire process was excellent!

Describe your bathroom remodeling experience in three words?

Oh My Gosh!! We’d do it again. That is more than three words, but it’s how we feel! Here are three more words we would use to describe our experience – Quality, Professionalism, Timeliness.

Would you recommend their bathroom remodeling Team to your friends and neighbors? Always. We have already recommended them to four or five neighbors. We also have three more bathrooms we might have complete.

We have no hesitation recommending or showing our bathroom to anyone who wants to see it. The attention to detail and the quality of work is impeccable. Every morning when we go in the bathroom, we are so happy! We love the bathroom!

What advice would you offer to someone considering a bathroom remodel?

We moved into our guest suite during the remodel. It’s great to have other usable spaces in your home separate from the remodel if you plan on staying in your home during the remodel. They blew our entire bathroom out and moved the drain for a tub.

Successful Results

We are thankful for happy clients who love their new bathrooms and share their remodeling experience and The Cleary Company name with others. Providing an exceptional remodeling experience, high-quality products, and being able to personalize the bathroom for each and every client is not something we take lightly. We thank them for their trust in us!

If you’re ready to begin a bathroom remodeling project, visit our website to learn more!