Making the decision to hire a remodeler into your home is exciting and rewarding! It can also feel overwhelming but with our Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company in Columbus OH as your remodeler, you will feel at ease through the entire renovation lifecycle. Our process ensures organization, timeliness, communication, and a high level of quality craftsmanship. Here is what you can expect once construction begins on an average-sized Design-Build home remodeling project.

Jobsite Pre-Construction Meeting (1-2 hours) – Meet the Project Manager and Lead Carpenter assigned to your project.

  • Review project’s schedule
  • Discuss your family’s weekday routines
  • Daily access to home
  • Communication – How best to reach you?
  • Meetings – How often do you want updates?
  • Placement of dumpster and/or port-a-john
  • Parking

After this meeting, you can start to clear out the areas in your home where we’ll be working. Next up construction begins!

Phases of Construction in the Renovation Lifecycle

Demolition (1 week) – Our Production Team takes special care to protect your home during the demo phase. Visqueen plastic walls are installed to minimize dust & dirt from other areas of the home. We also carefully remove all appliances, cabinets, fixtures etc. that can be reused and donate them on behalf of our clients to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. The donation keeps items out of the landfill and gives our clients a receipt for their taxes. We also save any metal for recycling.

Foundation & Framing (1-2 weeks) – Details matter and a good remodel starts with a solid foundation and proper structure. Our Production Team uses only the highest quality construction materials and industry best practices.

Mechanicals & Insulation (2-3 weeks) – It’s the stuff you can’t see when the project is complete. It’s important to know what’s behind your walls and under your floors. Our Production Team documents your project by taking photos and entering job logs into BuilderTrend. This is not only for future reference but so you can be informed of your project’s progress even when you’re not home.

Drywall (2 weeks) – It’s the messiest phase! This is probably the most frustrating stage of construction for most homeowners. In addition to using Visqueen & ZipWalls to protect the areas of your home, our Production Team takes additional precautions to minimize construction dust. Our Lead Carpenters regularly check your furnace air filters and will replace or clean them if needed.

Almost there You’re in the Home Stretch!

Cabinets & Trim (2 weeks) – Since a majority of the cabinets we purchase are custom designed for your project, our experienced carpenters are able to minimize or even in most cases eliminate filler strips that maximize your storage space. Once your cabinets are installed our fabricators can measure and template for your countertops.

Floors (2 weeks) – Before any new flooring is installed our Production Team assures proper “floor prep”. This is the first and most important step of any new floor installation. Whether you choose new or refinished hardwood, carpet, tile, carpet, etc. we will ensure what’s underneath follows best practices for proper installation.

Paint (1 week) – Painting can easily eat up almost any budget and is usually the first thing clients want to cut when trying to save money. However, in our experience, this can be a mistake, since most homeowners do not realize all the steps needed for a flawless paint job. The Cleary Company hires only the best painters in the business ensuring our clients have a finished product worthy of our expert design and construction.

Wall Tile (2-5 days) – All good installations require the proper preparations and underlayment for backsplashes, showers, wainscotting, and more. And, as the saying goes, measure twice and cut once. Putting in the time to plan and prepare each layout before installation can save time and money as well as avoid any product shortages.

Doors, Windows & Siding (1 week) – Proper installation ensures full energy efficiency and guarantees all warranties are valid.

Final Cleaning (1 day) – After substantial completion of your project, your Project Manager will schedule a professional thorough cleaning of the remodeled and/or newly constructed spaces.

Punch List (2-5 days) – The end of the Renovation Lifecycle is finally in sight! Our Production Team goes over every detail of your job and walks through the project with you to ensure a complete job as specified in the contract scope and any additional change orders. Our goal is to ensure satisfied clients and raving fans!

Time to Enjoy!

While a home remodeling project might seem like an inconvenience for your family and occasionally feels like it will never end, before you know it, you are enjoying your renovated spaces and wondering why you waited so long to renovate your home. Our goal is to provide you with the best information, the most positive experience, and the outcome you expected. We take remodeling seriously and want to give you the very best, from the best! Are you ready to jump in with both feet and remodel your home?