At The Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build in Columbus, Ohio, a Lead Carpenter plays an important role in the production of the remodeling projects we execute for our clients.

They serve as the eyes and ears of the Project Manager on the Jobsite. Working alongside our skilled Craftsmen, they and the Project Managers, help navigate the space between the execution and the administrative oversight of the work.

It takes an individual with extensive residential construction knowledge to effectively execute the duties of a Lead Carpenter. They work closely with the Project Manager to ensure that the project schedule continues to move forward. They ensure that Trade Partners are scheduled, supplies and materials are ordered and delivered, and all inspections are completed.

Questions always arise on a construction site, and someone needs to be available to help collaborate and find the answer. Our Lead Carpenters are knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of residential construction. They are one of the best sources of knowledge for any job site questions. Simply put they’re focusing on the details of a project.

Experience Matters for Lead Carpenters

Typically, a Lead Carpenter with The Cleary Company needs to have 10-15 years of experience in residential construction to acquire the necessary knowledge for this role. Expertise in all areas of the home building process is required to effectively lead a project. From laying out foundations, framing techniques to the principles of building science and an eye for the quality control of the details; all these skills and more are needed to expertly direct the activities and movement on a job site.

A Lead Carpenter never fully takes off the tool belt. Their happy spot is building and making dust. But another responsibility of our Lead Carpenters is teaching. Whether that is directing a crew of installers or jumping in and leading by offering a helping hand is a must to be an effective Lead Carpenter. Teaching the less experienced team members by showing how to accomplish a specific skill or modeling the work ethic and Jobsite behavior of a seasoned leader is critical to the growth of our rising superstars.

The value of a Lead Carpenter on a job site is more than simply being the most tenured or experienced person. They truly lead the project and the people to complete each project.

Do you have what it takes to be a lead carpenter? Visit our Careers page today to find out more, see our available positions and submit your resume!