Since 2010, The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build in Columbus OH has built 3 major projects for Rick as well as several smaller updates to his home in Powell OH. We started with the remodel of his master bathroom, but since then have also remodeled his home’s kitchen, basement and 2 guest bathrooms.

During the remodel of Rick’s kitchen he asked the project’s Lead Carpenter to save the dated oak cabinets for storage in his basement. 2 years later when Our Team returned to remodel his basement into an industrial-style lounge we repurposed some of them to build a new kitchenette. Another interesting feature in his basement remodel is a secret door hidden in the wine rack bookcase. When opened, by pulling on a book, the door leads into a storage room. Rick’s confidence and trust in Our Team has been one of the highlights of our 25 years in the remodeling business.

Q & A Interview

What was your favorite part of working with The Cleary Company?

I’ve always told people the best thing about The Cleary Company is George and the confidence and professionalism he and his team provides. I never worried about having people in my home when I was gone. George surrounds himself with quality people and everyone involved with the project understand there is a standard by which they have to behave and perform. As a result I never worried about something not being done right. Getting things done right and respectfully meant a great deal to me.

Why did you originally choose The Cleary Company to remodel your home? And why did you continue to choose them for future projects?

The initial way was through my realtor, who knew George, and told me to give him a call. The Cleary Company wasn’t as big as they are now but from the get-go, I liked their approach and the ideas we came up with. It was almost an interview process for me. George is hard not to like and throughout the first project we became friends. Because of this experience it wasn’t a question of who else I was going to ask to do subsequent projects. The quality of work is excellent, that goes without saying. This is someone I trust and consider a friend, does great work and why would I not continue to work with them.

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of remodeling their home?

Know what you want to do and have an idea or vision in mind before you begin, but be open to suggestions. Second, make sure you work with people you trust. The actual renovation can be tough because of the time your home is in turmoil and if you don’t have that trust, you won’t be happy throughout the process or with the end product.

Who is your favorite team member and how did they exceed your expectations?

George of course, but the entire team is great! On various projects I’ve worked with Rob, who does outstanding work. Laura is a fantastic designer who’s created the plans for all of my projects. Even April who’s primarily behind the scenes is great at planning and hosting all The Cleary Company’s events. Everyone at the company is approachable and good to work with.

Enjoy these photos of Rick’s master bathroom, kitchen and basement remodels!