At The Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build in Columbus, Ohio, we believe in our Team members and their capabilities. Project Manager, Pete Mossman, CLC, shares his career path into the remodeling industry. Read on to learn how he got started in the trades, what he’s learned, and what you should consider if you think this career is for you.

Project Manager, Pete Mossman, CLC shares his journey in Remodeling!

How did you get started in the trades?

  • My high school required internships 2 days/week. The goal of school was that you were able to walk away with a career, rather than just some good grades. So, I tried a couple things; 1) retail–Jeni’s ice cream, 2) culinary–worked at a local bakery, 3) trades–helped rebuild houses from hurricane Katrina and 4) Sport fitness-worked at a gym
  • I studied exercise science in college, but through mutual friends, got offered an entry level job at a local remodeling company. When I graduated from college, it was my first full time job.

When did you know you wanted a career in the trades?

  • I truly enjoyed my first experience in the trades–2 different church service trips to New Orleans. It mainly was performing drywall work, but I did some trim, tile, and painting as well. For some reason along the way, it still never quite seemed like an option for a career. Maybe it’s just because I didn’t know anybody who did that for a living.
  • It probably wasn’t until a couple years into remodeling that I realized I wanted this to be a career.

What should you think about if you are considering a career in the trades?

  • Starting in the trades with no experience is difficult. I think the most challenging part is that you have SO MUCH to learn, and you want to be great at all these things right now. It is slow and steady progress. It takes patience. Once you start getting some freedom and responsibility, that is really when you get the big rewards. This is what trade work has to offer that most places can’t quite compare to. You see all your progress. Everything is tangible. It either works or it doesn’t. 
  • Another unique thing about working in the trades is the usefulness outside of work. I can fix/repair/improve most parts of my home by myself. Think about the money that can save you! Not to mention it can be exactly the way my wife and I want it to be.
  • Really consider the value that comes from building things with your hands. It is almost therapeutic some days. Having a bad week? Good thing you get to do demo today and you can take it out by knocking that wall down! There is a physical transformation of a space happening and you get to be a part of it.
  • The trades also have great job security. People will always need work done to their house or office. If the economy is great, maybe you get a big renovation. If the economy is not as flush, you at least have service work. People will always need your advice, input and work.

What do you wish someone told me before you started working in the trades?

  • Be patient; learn by doing, learn by making mistakes and correcting them. 
  • Trades people are NEEDED. Most of the contractors I work with say they can’t find any good, young, help that want to learn.
  • You don’t have to find your lifelong career IMMEDIATELY after high school or college: So many people ask that of the new graduate, but it’s ok to try different things out. 
  • If you are somewhat competent, friendly, and young, you can probably get a trades job somewhere. A lot of places want you to have no experience, so they can train you the way they want. 
  • Ask tons of questions. The person who is your boss has probably worked in the trades for many years. They have a lot they can teach you.

A Career Path for Continued Growth

Do Pete’s reflections have you thinking about a job in the trades? When Pete was hired at The Cleary Company in 2017, his role was Warranty Specialist. His carpentry skills also made him a valuable asset to our bathroom remodeling production Team. Fast forward to 2019 when he was promoted to his current role as bathroom Project Manager. 

Do you have the same goals and aspirations? Contact us on our Careers website page to apply. We can’t wait to speak with you and get your remodeling career started!