Making a major change to your home can be exciting and rewarding. It can also seem overwhelming. There are many ways to approach a remodeling project. Some of the most common are DIY or hiring a handyman, jack of all trades, or general contractor. For larger, more complex projects there are two options – hire an architect and/or designer and then a general contractor or hire a Design-Build remodeling firm.

Over 27 years ago when George created The Cleary Company, he used the general contractor model of remodeling by facilitating all of the sales, estimating, budget, scope of work, and contract writing himself. In 2009, to best serve his clients he added design to the company’s services transforming it into a design-build remodeling firm. The success and growth of The Cleary Company was outpacing George’s capacity to do it all and in 2015 he hired the company’s first Project Developer.

What does a Project Developer do?

The simple answer is sales! The Project Developer(PD) is the initial face of The Cleary Company. Their job is to support you through the entire home remodeling process. They must continually communicate with our clients throughout all phases of their project.

Think of them as the quarterback of the client’s project. At many high-end remodeling companies, like The Cleary Company, Project Developers have design or estimating backgrounds, and some have both! Like Jayde Boyd, who earned a BFA in Interior Architecture & Design from Ohio University and spent several years in bathroom and kitchen sales before joining our Team in 2019 in the Project Developer role.

Duties for the Project Developer/Salesperson varies from company to company but at The Cleary Company our PDs:

  • Engage with clients throughout their project, start to finish.
  • Collaborate with Designers & Project Consultants on planning of projects.
  • Create budgets and scopes of work for their projects.
  • Coordinate all pre-construction project meetings.
  • Write & present contracts.

Meet Our Project Developers

Jayde Boyd – 8+ years industry experience – 4 yrs @ TCC – BFA in Interior Architecture @ Ohio University

Jen Sommers, CR – 11+ years industry experience – 6 yrs @ TCC – BS in Interior Design @ The Ohio State University

Coury Sicker, UDCP – 5+ years industry experience – 2 yrs @ TCC – BS in Business Management @ Baldwin Wallace University

Katie Florjancic, UDCP – 11+ years experience, 3 yrs @ TCC – BS in Interior Design & Business Management @ Ohio University

David Rippe – 40+ years industry experience, 1.5 yrs @ TCC – Former owner/creator of two design firms

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Project Developer Q&A

What is your role?

Jayde – To ensure the project you’ve been dreaming about is brought to life through our Design-Build Team. I really listen to your wants and needs, get all of your ideas on paper and create a plan that gives you the best experience for your project.

Jen – A Home Services project is slightly different than a Design-Build one described above. Basically, I’m a PD, Designer and Estimator tasked with doing it all – from creating the scope of work to the design to creating the budget. You, the client, have one point of contact from start to finish.

Coury – Working primarily with our bath2BATH clients, I guide them through the design and selection process for their bathroom remodeling projects. It’s all about upgrading our clients’ lives through smart design. It’s the best part of my job.

What do you want homeowners to know before hiring TCC?

Jayde – Trust the process and have a little fun with the design! Remodeling isn’t perfect but we are here for you from start to finish and beyond.

Jen – Collaboration, transparency and trust are important in remodeling. Hiring the right remodeler is key to your project’s success. Our Design-Build process is an important key to our success and our goal for your project – on time, on budget and raving fan.

Coury – Does your bathroom need our design-build process or is bath2BATH’s remove and replace option a better fit?

List 3 things you want your clients to know during the development of their project?


  • How your home can function better by adjusting the flow of your space.
  • Communicating what is (or not) possible in your vision for your home.
  • Why sometimes pricing can vary even after we’ve secured bids and quotes.


  • Setting expectations early and often.
  • Schedule and pricing are not guaranteed, but we always do our best to be on time & on budget.
  • Communication during development and into construction is important.


  • Understanding your problems with your existing bathrooms helps us create a design & scope of work to improve their homelife.
  • Communication is key.
  • Decisiveness can move the process of your project along.

Why should prospective clients choose The Cleary Company?

Jayde – Our collaborative Design-Build process is all under one roof! Do you want less stress? Our Team handles it all from designs, to permitting, to scope & budget, and all the way through the completion of construction. You are supported throughout the entire process from start to finish. 

Jen – Our Team finds creative solutions for your remodeling project to help you live better in your home.

Coury – We use a collaborative team approach to each project. If our Team is a good fit and you desire to experience our Design-Build process for your remodel, we’re the right remodeler for all your home remodeling projects. We stand by our work.

Just for Fun!

Describe your favorite TCC project.

Jayde – It’s tough picking just one but I’d say any project where the client is willing to trust us and their decisions to make bold material selections. Whenever a client adds a lot of their personality to a project it’s fun!

Jen – My favorite projects are ones with big transformations and satisfied clients at the end of the project. Kitchen or basement updates or adding a bar to existing spaces.

Coury – When the client, is happy and we’ve changed their homelife for the better. My renovation and design superpower? “Completely reimagining a space within the same footprint.” And this just happens to pair perfectly with bath2BATH’s mission!

Ready to Remodel your home?

Relationships and collaboration are important to our Team’s success. We live and love the details! If a remodeling project is in your future, we’d love the opportunity to show you what we can do for you and have our Project Developer help you through the whole process.

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