Open-concept floor plans provide flexibility, great sight lines, and ease of movement. When our Remodel-Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company in Columbus, OH meets with clients, they often desire more open spaces in their homes. This is especially true for those who have older homes with walls and hallways that separate their kitchen, dining and living rooms. Most busy families find these older floorplans no longer work for their modern lifestyle.

The enduring appeal of open-concept living is something to consider incorporating into your home remodel. But how can you create an open-concept living design that works for you? Luckily, our experienced designers understand space planning and know how to create floorplans that are defined, airy, stylish, and spacious.

Plan Your Space

  • Create a list, with the needs of your family and lifestyle in mind, of activities to accommodate for in the main living areas.
  • Your kitchen will already be somewhat defined but think about areas within the kitchen that need some additional planning such as baking supply storage, beverage or snack center, pantry, etc.
  • Thinking out all your spaces will help you visualize how you’ll utilize them.

Define Areas with Furniture

  • An L-shaped sectional or chairs can separate the living and dining areas and signal where an area begins or ends.
  • Rugs create natural dividers without affecting the line of sight between spaces. Make sure rugs are the right size to fit your furniture and outline a room.
  • As families change and evolve, furniture layouts can transform. Choose furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the space or impede traffic flow.
  • Create cozy reading or conversation nooks with the placement of a couple of chairs in an unused corner.
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Don’t Forget about Storage

  • One of the best ways to maximize storage in an open floor plan is to use vertical space. Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets and a large pantry are important design elements and keep stuff stowed.
  • Storage on both sides of a kitchen island ensures everything has a place.
  • Wall-mounted racks, bookshelf dividers, and open shelves can help define spaces and keep provide additional storage.
  • Choose furniture that serves dual purposes of seating and storage: Ottomans, benches and club chairs with hidden spaces for keeping items close but out of sight.

Other Elements to Consider

  • Natural lighting is a benefit of open-concept living spaces because fewer barriers or walls typically create brighter interiors. Larger windows, skylights, and patio doors all bring in the light.
  • If there are times when privacy may be needed sliding doors (pocket or barn style), room dividers or even curtains can be used to close off areas.
  • Entertaining family and friends in large gatherings where everyone can freely move and interact with the hosts in one big space.

An open-concept home creates a relaxing, inviting feel to a home. Its flexibility, functionality, and appeal will keep you happy with it for years to come. Its’ ability to maximize natural light, create a sense of space, and allow for easy interaction with friends and family makes it a timeless choice for homeowners.

Our Remodel-Design-Build Team is here to help you plan the best use of space for your home remodeling project. We’d love to collaborate with you! Contact our Client Relations Coordinator today to discuss your remodeling plans. Call 614-459-4000 or visit our website.