Offsite, On Mind. Do you ever wonder how much work is done offsite during a home remodeling project? You may be curious what is going on behind the scenes. Or, you might wonder what your contractor is actually doing when not physically on the job site. At The Cleary Company, although our Team may not be working in your home on a particular day, your project is not off our minds! In fact, we are always working on managing your remodel project.

Design-Build Behind the Scenes of Your Project

Our Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company in Columbus OH has grown our business on trust, so it is important that we clearly communicate with our clients. How we are planning for their project and more importantly when and why we will not be at your home periodically during the construction phase. Many of the “tiny touches” we give your project are done off the job site. So, even when it doesn’t appear that we are working on your project, we really are managing your remodel!

Remodeling Done Right Starts with a Plan

You may have heard the saying “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”? We apply this concept to our remodeling projects, home additions and new home build projects everyday. Collaborating and doing the prep work and planning prior to getting to your home will make our team more efficient during the entire construction phase.

Here are a few things that you may not see our Team doing as we are managing your remodel:

  • Pre-Construction meetings with trades and vendors to review plans
  • Project review meetings with Project Developer, Designer & Project Manager
  • Production Department Meetings with our entire field Team
  • Ordering building materials and products to build your project
  • Scheduling deliveries, inspections and trades
  • Reviewing and approving invoices
  • Budget & Schedule management

We have industry professionals on our Team, from estimators and designers to project managers and skilled craftsman … oh yeah… Russell too, we cannot forget Russell! They are committed to create a design and scope of work to suite your family’s needs. We ensure the details are taken care of before and during construction of your home remodel. During the entire process, we are properly planning our performance, whether we are on your jobsite or not.

Remodeling can sometimes be hard, messy and frustrating. However, when you choose to work with The Cleary Company you know exactly what you are getting- Communication, Expert Craftsmanship and Quality from a proud, prepared, and professional Team of experts!

John Coleman CRPM

Check out this video describing the Project Manager role for Team Cleary. Update in 2019 John hung up his toolbelt and transitioned to a Project Developer position. Opportunities for growth are an excellent way to retain valuable Team members!