Join us in congratulating our Designer Emily Perebzak! She earned a Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP) accreditation from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Emily relocated to Columbus, in September of 2022, from Wadsworth Ohio to join our Team. She earned degrees in Interior Design & Marketing from Kent State University and has worked for a Design-Build firm in Westlake.

Because more clients are wanting to live in their homes longer, we recognize that all our projects should include principles of Universal Design. It applies to clients who desire to “age in place” but also to their extended family, caregivers and guests living or visiting with them.

Q & A with Emily Perebzak, UDCP – Designer

What is your role and responsibilities @ TCC?

As a Designer on the Development Team, my role is to work with clients to create a floor plan tailored to their family and within their budget. I also collaborate with my colleagues on each of my assigned projects through the completion of the build.

Why did you decide to take the certification test?

Personally, I enjoy learning and wanting to grow professionally in the industry. I want deeper insight when designing projects that work for people of all ages and abilities. Our clients wish to live in their homes for as long as they can. It’s crucial to create spaces that allow for people to age place.

How did you prepare?

I attended a four-week, 2 hour, class online and studied the materials provided.

Why did you choose a career in remodeling?

I love being creative and problem-solving to create designs that work for each individual client. I enjoy collaborating with the team and clients. I can create custom designs that work for the people who use the space daily. Remodeling isn’t easy but I enjoy the challenge.  

How has TCC supported your growth, both personally and professionally?

By providing me with training and education from day one. They prioritize investment in people by encouraging learning and certifications. Offering opportunities to attend industry classes offered by our vendors and manufacturer reps and networking through the local NARI & NKBA chapters.

What do you believe is the hidden gem of working for TCC?

As a full-service design-build company, we can fully develop a project before constructing it. This allows for a collaborative process for working through all the options and possibilities of a project. Our clients have greater control of their budget and can decide what elements are most important to them. Taking time to work through the development process in the conceptual stage allows for a more efficient experience during construction.

What do you enjoy the most about working for TCC?

I enjoy the people here at the TCC. We all work closely together and get to bounce ideas off one another.

Universal Design – What Does It Really Mean?

Universal Design isn’t something most homeowners think about when building or remodeling a home, but it is something we discuss frequently with our clients. Aging In Place or Universal Design (both used interchangeably) is simply defined as a home designed and built to be used and accessed easily by all people no matter their age, size, or abilities. This universal approach to design and construction is all about planning and details. It considers the products, features, and space planning considerations that need to be in place for the space to function for all.

Creating a Universal Design home means that the living spaces are designed with those principles in mind from the beginning and is aesthetically beautiful. Some examples in design, planning, and adaptations that can be made are wider doorways, smooth level flooring, curb-free showers with grab bars and benches, no-step entryways, lowered countertop workspaces, elevators or stair lifts, accessible electrical outlets and switches, and kitchens that offer multi-level surfaces for people who use a wheelchair or just need to sit while preparing food.

Want to know more about what Universal Design is? Click here to read our blog post on the subject!

What is NARI Certification?

Certified professionals represent an elite group of industry experts who possess extensive technical and management skills. These skills set them apart as capable remodeling professionals. Standards and exam questions are developed by leading remodeling experts who are well-versed in technical and management best practices for the remodeling industry.

Why does our Remodel-Design-Build Team value industry certifications?

As a trusted Remodel-Design-Build firm in Columbus, Ohio, we recognize the need for continuing education for Our Team to be atop the industry. We also believe we have a responsibility to our clients to stay up on the best business and remodeling practices as well as have knowledge of new or improved products on the market. From formal CEU classes administered by our industry partners to informal Lunch-n-Learns hosted by our vendors, throughout each year, our Team regularly participates in webinars and live presentations to improve our knowledge of home remodeling.

Not to mention, data suggests 80% of consumers would choose a remodeling professional who is certified over one who is not!