Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

The winter days can be dark and dreary, but with the right lighting, everything looks better and your mood and energy levels can improve. That’s how we feel about our partnership with Ferguson. Not only do they provide quality products for your home, but working together with them, our designers create lighting solutions for our clients, making their projects brighter and better.

Choosing the right lighting for your home might seem like an easy task. Lamp goes here, chandelier goes there, then you head to the store to grab a few different types of light bulbs because what if those ones are too warm? Or too cool? Or too bright? Too dim? Whatever—it’s a light, how much of a difference will it make?

Bulb Types

Choosing the fixtures is the fun part. Choosing the bulbs is a little less sexy, but just as important when it comes to getting lighting right. LED lights come in a variety of color temperatures and are typically budget-friendly, both at the time of purchase and long-term. Classic incandescent lights are an option as well, but consider swapping them out for brighter halogen bulbs or more subdued (and trendier) Edison bulbs – which can add a “vintage” flair to your fixtures and spaces.

Whether you’re planning an entire renovation or just giving your space a facelift, you’ll need to put together a plan before anything else. Consider the space, size and style of each room and the activities that take place in each of those rooms.

Living Rooms – Perhaps the most flexible room in your home, the living room is typically one of the first rooms you and your guests see when entering the home. The living room is where you go to relax, and it also serves as a social gathering spot for any parties you might have. Getting the lighting right here is vital to setting the tone for the rest of your home. For larger, taller spaces, consider subtle recessed lighting or a stunning chandelier to spark conversation. For smaller spaces, a flush-mount overhead light and a couple of bold table lamps should do.

Kitchen – Often the focal point of many homes, kitchen lighting tends to be morecomplex. The odds of you utilizing more than one type of light are strong, so this is where your plan will come in handy. Recessed lighting is a great option for general illumination – or ambient lighting – but for more nuanced options, consider LED strips along the top of cabinets. Under-cabinet lights are perfect for task lighting, and decorative pendant lights over islands can help establish your kitchen as a unique space.

Bedroom – Just because you’ll spend most of your time asleep in this room doesn’t mean you have to skip out on good lighting. Bedrooms are sanctuaries. Whether you’re retreating into bed after a long day, curling up on your day off or simply reading a book before heading off to sleep, the right lighting can make or break your bedroom’s entire atmosphere. Forget table lamps on nightstands and instead opt for unique sconces or pendant lights on either side of your bed to add some style and flair to the room. Utilize floor lamps and ceiling lights – maybe a fan, too – for broader lighting options. No matter what, remember that dimmer switches are ideal for setting every mood.

Bathroom – Overhead lighting is ideal for lighting up entire bathrooms, but near your vanity you’ll want to opt for task lighting over or next to your mirror. Avoid installing light fixtures directly overhead, as it can cast harsh, unflattering and inaccurate shadows. For baths and showers, use two or more lights to sufficiently brighten the space. Like your bedroom, a dimmer switch might be a good idea, as not many people enjoy being awakened by bright, crisp lights.

When it comes time to start changing your interior lighting, let Ferguson and The Cleary Company create a plan for you that will illuminate your vision for your remodeled home. You’ll live better with Ferguson and The Cleary Company lighting the way. Visit to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of their product experts.