We’ve all experienced so many changes this past year. Learning to adapt and be flexible. Rapidly changing technology, new working conditions and unimaginable stresses have taught us all a lot! Many of us have changed the way we live and think about our homes. Our experienced design team at The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build in Columbus Ohio has put together a list of the top remodeling requests. They’re also mindful of the following lifestyle trends influencing our clients’ wants and needs for their homes.

On Demand Culture

It seems like everyone wants everything to be easy and quick. Amazon’s “Same-Day Delivery”, UberEATS, the internet in your pocket, etc. The remodeling industry is feeling this pressure as well—clients want a quick turnaround project that involves as little stress as possible while providing quality results. Although The Cleary Company does not offer “Same-Day Delivery” of home additions and remodels, we do aim to provide a fun, efficient, collaborative, and enjoyable remodeling experience for our clients.

Technology & Gadgets

Incorporating technology into your home design can be as simple as adding USB outlets to a kitchen or home office or as detailed as wiring for a “smart home”. The home tech market is seeing a huge surge of products available that can be monitored and controlled via app on your smartphone. A go-to product for our clients is the Adorne Collection by Legrand. Their undercabinet lighting and tech system eliminates outlets and cords from your kitchen backsplash.

Smaller Spaces

Many families are looking to downsize their homes to lessen maintenance and increase opportunities for life experiences. No matter the size of the home, most clients are looking for not only more storage, but hidden and accessible storage. Our design team will work collaboratively with you to create a plan that maximizes the useful space in your home. Incorporating unique storage opportunities, such as toe-kick drawers and fully accessible blind corner cabinet storage accessories. Upper cabinets that extend to the ceiling also help to offer additional storage while benefitting the overall design by making the space feel larger.

Top Requests for Home Remodeling Projects in 2021

Home. Your sanctuary. Your foundation. We desire comfort, warmth and safety in our homes more than ever these days. Historically kitchen and bathroom remodels are typically the first two areas most home owners consider for big changes. Whether their goals are for more storage space, better function, upgrades to fixtures and finishes or all of the above a kitchen or bathroom remodel can give you more enjoyment in your home.

However, the pandemic has also given rise to 3 new popular areas to remodel!

  • Home Gyms – When everything shut down last spring the weather was improving and a lot of folks chose to change their workout routines to outdoors. However, once colder weather began to stay late last fall most of us wanted a more weather friendly option. Carving out space in your home for a workout is important for your physical and mental well being. To make a home gym area blend in with your decor, storing your equipment is key. Cube style bookcases with slide-out bins are available in many shades of painted and stained woods from companies like Wayfair, Ikea and even Target.
  • Home Offices – Commuting to work was a breeze for many however carving out proper space for completing tasks and meeting was a whole different issue. With advances in technology we’ve found that large corporate offices are unnecessary in many ways and home offices are now considered a “must-have” for new homeowners. Find a space in a bedroom, alcove or basement. Creating a new work zone in your home can be as easy as taking off the sliding doors of a closet and purchasing a desk to fit inside! Another option is to install new doors to close off a previously open room.
  • Elevated Outdoor Spaces – Firepits and patio heater sales have hit all time highs the last twelve months. Some of you may have been sitting on your patios or front porches for the first time! Socializing and social distancing in backyards have also given homeowners new ideas for creating fun entertaining outdoor “rooms”. Indoor spaces have inspired the decor and designs of our porches and patios with the use of rugs, end tables, dining sets and art.

Aging in Place Living in Place

Of course, we cannot discuss lifestyle trends and their impact on design without considering the aging population. With the age of our average population increasing and with an unpredictable housing market, the desire to age and live in place becomes increasingly appealing. Many universal design-related features have become standard in many of our design-build remodeling projects. Giving all elements of a project careful consideration to ensure it is functional for all ages is critical. Details like style of cabinet hardware, heights of outlets, task lighting and appropriate flooring choices are all evaluated for their ease of use and maintenance.

Are you looking to update your home? Is there a lifestyle trend that could bring more function to your family’s routine? All of these design ideas only scratch the surface for what The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build Columbus OH is able to do to help adapt your home to suit your personal lifestyle.

Ready to start a new project? Contact us today to get started!