The Cleary Company Celebrate GoodAs the holidays approach remember, it is a time of thanksgiving and celebration.

I am thankful the election is over…..

As a parent I’m a little embarrassed of the world we are creating; then I slow down and realize all of the good things being done out there, they surely outweigh the bad. I hope we can all focus on the good.

Let’s celebrate all the good we have, America is a great country! Most of us have jobs or the opportunity for jobs, most of us can provide for our families, most of us can live in a safe dwelling, most of us have access to healthcare, all of us have the right to education, all of us have the right to speak our minds and all of us have the right to pray and worship in any way we choose.

Let’s celebrate what we have and worry less about what we don’t.The Cleary Company Celebrate Good

Let’s remember the lessons learned from our parents to play fair and do the right thing even when it hurts.

I have a lot to celebrate and this year has been nothing less than a joy! My 3 kids continue to thrive at their schools and jobs. My adorable bride continues to work hard at helping to raise the quality of care to their hospital patients. The Cleary Company and our Team continue to be on an upward growth path. We are all thankful for the relationships with our clients, our vendors, our trade partners and our peers, because without them we wouldn’t be here. My goal is to improve the quality of life of those I am with.  Each one of you reading this newsletter has had a part in helping me continually achieve that goal in some way.
Spend a lot of time celebrating with your family and friends this holiday season. Celebrate and focus on the good out there and be thankful for all that is bestowed upon us because ya know, it ain’t a bad gig!The Cleary Company Celebrate Good