How much does a Design-Build Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Calculating the cost of any remodel requires knowing first the design, scope and size of the project and this is especially true for a kitchen remodel.

  • Does your kitchen need to be updated?
  • Would a remove & replace facelift or swapping out all the “pretty stuff” like countertops, hardware and fixtures fit your needs?
  • Does your existing kitchen fit the needs of your family?
  • Do you need more space and function in your kitchen’s layout?
  • Do you want an open concept floorplan with removing or opening up walls?
  • Do you want to expand the footprint of your kitchen by building an addition or repurposing underused spaces?

To help you get started planning your next kitchen remodeling project, our Design Build Team at The Cleary Company has assembled the following project examples and ballpark budgets. We also recommend reviewing Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report for additional information on building and remodeling costs in Columbus OH.

Design-Build Open Concept Kitchen Expansion Remodel

3 Projects – 3 Budgets – 3 Scopes of Work For Kitchen Remodeling

Luxury or Gourmet Kitchen remodels – Estimated Price Range $180k – $300k+

Possible Scope of Work & Finishes:

  • Increase square footage of footprint with an addition or combining rooms
  • Move and/or add plumbing and appliances plus increase lighting and electric
  • Quartz countertops, custom tile backsplash and heated tile or exotic wood floors
  • Plenty of custom cabinetry and a large island (or two!) with seating and storage
  • High-end gourmet appliance package
  • Greatest number of choices for finishes and materials

MID-RANGE – Estimated Price Range: $150k – $200k

Possible Scope of Work & Finishes: 

  • Remove & Replace all cabinets, fixtures & finishes
  • Reorganize layout changes for greater efficiency
  • Remove soffits
  • May include whole or partial removal of one wall plus new drywall and trim
  • Professional-style appliances and upgrades to lighting and electrical
  • Quartz countertops
  • Custom cabinetry including an island
  • Refinish existing or install new flooring–hardwood or tile
Example of floorplan updates for Marble Cliff, Ohio kitchen remodel

Refresh or Facelift – Estimated Price Range: $65k – $90k

Possible Scope of Work & Finishes:

  • Updates to existing finishes & fixtures
  • Little to no changes to footprint or layout
  • Plumbing and electrical remains in current locations
  • Reuse some or all of existing cabinetry
  • Or install some new or all new cabinetry
  • Limited finish and accessory choices
  • Mid-level granite or quartz or HD laminate countertops
  • Mid-level appliance package or reuse existing
  • Keep existing drywall and trim and paint only the remodeled area
  • Basic flooring choices- reuse and refinish existing hardwood or install new LVT

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