Project Spotlight: After eight years, our client realized the 1968 footprint of their suburban home’s kitchen did not function for their family’s lifestyle. With a desire for a larger footprint and more open space to accommodate gatherings of family and friends, they decided it was time to hire a remodeler. “We don’t spend much time watching HGTV,” says the homeowner with a laugh, “which is part of why we went with The Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build. They have a strong design process and did a great job with the color palette.”

As-Built Plans & Before Photos

The kitchen remodel demo scope included not only gutting the kitchen but also removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The dining room window and a section of the wall between the kitchen and living room were also removed.

Proposed Design-Build Kitchen Plan Solves Client Issues

The wall section between the kitchen and living room was removed to accommodate recessed pantry cabinets. About 15sf of floor space was used from the living room’s footprint. Using this space made a huge impact on the functionality of the kitchen’s new layout.

A large 13’x4″ 2-level center island offers the family seating for four along with storage on both sides. Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling custom cabinetry was installed in what previously was the dining room. The family gained a bar and loads of customized storage.

The Result!

An entertainer’s kitchen, hosting large gatherings of family & friends is made easy in this redesigned floorplan. The whole kitchen floorplan was reorganized for better function. The cabinets are customized with personalized storage solutions including charging drawers, a spice rack and utensil holders. A new sliding glass door in place of the old dining room window gives direct access to the backyard from the kitchen.

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