Meet Jamie, who joined our Team in the spring of 2021, answering an ad for production crew help. We continue to hire skilled, qualified folks searching for a new job or career in remodeling. Welcome Jamie Herbst, a skilled craftsman and all-around fun guy!

Remodeling Industry Experience

Jamie has a great demeanor and thrives in a collaborative environment. Working together as a team is important for a remodeling project to come together seamlessly! Before joining our Team, Jamie worked as an independent contractor in the residential remodeling field. His quality skillset has already been apparent within our remodeling projects. He works very hard on each job and embraces challenges and opportunities to grow. Jamie is taking full advantage of our training and education courses to increase his knowledge. His client interactions are always positive and engaging.

Jamie’s responsibilities are all about performing the physical work of construction. Jamie is involved in all aspects of the bathroom remodel from the beginning with demolition and all the way through to the final brush of paint on the walls. His ability to problem solve is something we admire.

Keeping it Fun

We appreciate a good laugh and a fun working atmosphere. In this, Jamie excels. He loves to tell jokes, try out different haircuts, beards, and sunglasses just to change up the way he looks. We never know what he is going to do next and we all think it’s great! His positivity and wanting others to be happy and successful are at the core of his personality. And our clients love him!

Interesting Facts About Jamie Herbst

  • Jamie is very attached to his Pit Viper sunglasses and he looks pretty cool in them, we’ve all decided.
  • Jamie scuba dives, with his deepest dive reaching 85’ below the surface.
  • When not working, Jamie spends time with his friends and wife.
  • Other hobbies include disc golf, playing sports, hiking and being outdoors.
  • His Favorite room in his house: Living room
  • Other favorites – music: Eric Church – teams: Green Bay Packers & Milwaukee Brewers – food: Burgers, steak and Taco Bell – restaurant: Harvest Pizzeria (he says they have amazing pizza!)

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