How smart is your home? How smart do you want it to be? Smart home devices are plentiful and can help you do so much more in your home, hopefully saving you some time! Most devices are pretty easy to integrate into your home. Some, as simple as plug and go, a little help from your WIFI, downloading an app, or spending a bit of time reading directions. However, connecting your whole house with products and systems that work seamlessly together takes some forethought and planning.

The Design Team at the Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build in Columbus Ohio facilitates many conversations about smart technology with our clients while creating their custom remodeling plans. Asking questions like –

  • Will you need more outlets in the kitchen or office?
  • How many areas will need charging stations?
  • Where will control devices and speakers be placed?
  • What devices do you plan on using?

help us create a plan and scope of work that is unique to your project. This collaboration helps create a home as smart as you need it to be.

The preferred vendor we utilize when we need guidance and support is CHS (Central Home Systems). You can see and touch their products throughout our office. Their team is well-versed on everything a home needs to be energy efficient, smart, and automated. We know that if we come to them with an idea or question, they can make it happen!

Another resource our client’s utilize is EZ-Integration located in Dublin. Both companies provide the skills of multiple specialized companies under one roof. No need for a separate installer for Security, Smart Home and Audio Visual entertainment. And more importantly, both provide excellent service and knowledge to our Team and our clients.

Smart Home Technology Options


Amazon Echo, Google Mini, Google Nest, or other voice assistant smart devices, not only are they speakers for music, but they help us find items, check the weather, control appliances, set timers, among many other helpful functions. Their possibilities are pretty endless and will only continue to evolve over time.


Wireless smart speakers allow music streaming anywhere inside or outside your home. Many of them can pair with Alexa or Google Nest, making music listening easier than ever. Most of them work simply by plugging them in, downloading the app and connecting to your WIFI. George is a huge fan of Sonos!

Blinds & Shades:

Hunter Douglas has a line of automated shades you can control from anywhere by using their app. Energy efficiency, privacy, and convenience at the touch of a button. Visit Home Source Custom Draperies and Blinds located in north Columbus OH at 727 Mount Airyshire Blvd, 43235 to see the full line of Hunter Douglas products.


Kitchen appliances continue to develop new features for convenience and energy efficiency. Do a Google search for smart appliances. You’d be surprised what you can find!

  • A slow cooker controlled from your smart device
  • An electric range featuring IQ-touch digital controls
  • The refrigerator with a built-in camera to help you see what you need while at the grocery store. Some models also have the ability to play music
  • How about an electric fork that tracks your eating habits!


Do you have a smart thermostat yet? This device learns how your family heats and cools the home, all while it learns your routine. Having this device can help with overall comfort and supply some cost savings. And if you leave for a period of time, you can turn up the heat or turn down the air conditioning before you arrive back home. Comfort at the tap of your phone or activated by your voice.

Doorbells & Security:

A doorbell is not what it used to be—now it is a home security camera, a way to talk with the UPS or Amazon delivery person, or chat with your neighbors. Along with these doorbells, many of our clients choose to have home security cameras installed. If you are away, this is an added sense of comfort and safety.

Doors & Locks:

Do you forget to close your garage door at night or when you leave to pick up the kids from school? Smart garage doors can be programmed to close at a specific time or from a tap on your phone. In addition, smart locks for your doors continue to evolve and change and offer both added security and monitoring.

Your home can be integrated more now than ever. While some of us might not be ready to have our home be that smart, others of us are saying, “Bring it on!” Whatever the case, our Team can help you navigate your way through not only the renovation but help you make your home even smarter.

Contact our Team today to get started on your next project!