The bathroom is likely the most used room in your home. It’s where you and your family start the day and end your day. It’s also a place to relax, rejuvenate, and maybe hide from the kids. If your bathroom has seen better days, is stuck in a time warp, or the flow & function is not quite working for you, then it’s probably also the space you can’t wait to leave. Our Remodel-Design-Build Team has seen everything and knows when it is time to remodel. But do you?

5 Signs That You Need a Bathroom Remodel

  1. Damaged, outdated, or lacks functionality. Are your fixtures and finishes more than 15 years old? Have they passed their prime in style and finish? Outdated and tired fixtures can make your bathroom feel less stylish, and less functional. Damaged fixtures, sink stoppers that don’t stop water, leaking or dripping water, low vanities, outdated toilets, cracked grout, damaged tiles, or mold or mildew growth, are all signs that something needs to change.
  2. Inadequate storage. Clutter and disorganization in your bathroom is a notable reason to remodel. If there is no place to store all your bathroom necessities then it’s probably difficult to find what you need and keep the space organized. Customizable storage is key!
  3. An inefficient floorplan. A poorly functioning bathroom layout makes your daily routine difficult. If multiple people are using it at the same time and there is only one sink, a small shower, or not enough room to even turn around, it causes frustration and possibly being late for work or school.
  4. Safety concerns. If things are wrong, like cracked flooring, non-GFCI outlets, a slippery bathtub, or a large step to get in the shower, it is time to address these safety issues. A bathroom remodel can make your bathroom safer for everyone who uses it. Our Development Team uses Universal Design or Age-in-Place design principles to increase the safety and comfort of everyone using the space, regardless of age, size, or ability.
  5. Changing family needs. Your hall full bath might have worked when you didn’t have kids or they were little, but as the family grows, you all need more functional space. Or your primary bath would function better with Age-in-Place updates like grab bars, non-slip floors, higher toilets, and zero-entry showers.

Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

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Energy efficiency: Upgrading your bathroom with new fixtures allows you to get the latest and greatest new products available to utilize energy efficiency. If your remodel is a total gut you can start from scratch by adding in more insulation and new mechanicals like pipes and electric. New lighting with LED bulbs, water-saving toilets, and showerheads are just a few of the options. It’s time to eliminate water-hogging fixtures that aren’t efficient and lead to higher water bills!

Value: Not only will you gain a well-designed, functional, and beautiful bathroom, but in most cases, a bathroom remodel will increase the value of a home. You may not be selling anytime soon, but the value will be there if you do need to sell sooner than planned.

Functionality: We can’t stress this enough—we will improve the functionality of your bathroom. A larger shower or double sinks make it easier for more than one person to get ready in the morning. Creating storage, adding a freestanding bathtub, or creating a spa-like appeal will make your bathroom a more enjoyable and efficient space. A well-designed bathroom reduces stress!

Ahh, the aesthetic: Whatever your design thoughts are, we will collaborate with you to design and build them. A remodeled bathroom should produce a “wow” moment every time you or your guests enter it.

It’s not just about aesthetics (ok, it is about creating a beautiful, relaxing, contemporary change to your home), but also integrating smart technology, improving energy efficiency and functionality, and adapting to your family’s needs. Our Remodel-Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company in Columbus Ohio, will guide you through every step of the process and help you make the best design decisions, whether your bathroom is small or large, or you have multiple bathrooms to remodel.

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