What Clients Can Do To Keep Safe During Their Home Remodel

by Aaron Enfinger CR General Manager The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build Columbus OH

Safety has no quitting time; Safety first; Safety is no accident; Safety is as simple as ABC-Always Be Careful. Would you like me to continue? I can do this all day!

There are many slogans when it comes to safety. Many of these are catchy, funny and memorable so that safety is kept at the top of mind when working in an environment that, at times, can be dangerous. One thing that we in the home remodeling industry do as part of our jobs is bring some of these dangers into your home.

Despite the potential for danger on any jobsite, Our Team at The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build Columbus OH is committed to safe construction sites for our homeowners, their families and pets, plus all our employees, trades and vendors. We feel education is key to keeping everyone safe so let’s take a few minutes to review some simple ways our clients can assist our Production Team with safety on every jobsite.

The KISS acronym is an easy way to remember for good safety practices-

Keeps It Safe and Sound!

  • Keep clear of work site during the work day

One of the best ways to avoid potentially unsafe conditions is to…avoid potentially unsafe conditions. While the craftsmen are working on your project it is best to stay away from the construction area. There are tools, materials, and other potential hazards lurking everywhere. Giving the craftsmen the needed space and time to work, goes a long way in reducing additional exposure to hidden hazards. This is especially true for children and pets! Your Project Manager can arrange a time either before or after the work day to walk your jobsite with you.

  • Involve everyone that lives in the home in project communication

One of the most important aspects of any home remodeling project is staying in regular communication with your Project Manager. Whether you prefer calls, texts or emails, communication needs to go both ways in the dynamic relationship of Client/PM. Please regularly update your Project Manager with your family’s activities and daily schedule. Safety can be compromised with surprises so you and your household will need to know what is happening daily in your home and when it is going to happen. Our APP makes keeping in touch and up to date easy with your mobile phone or tablet!

  • Store valuables away from the work zone

We have seen some very unfortunate circumstances where some very sentimental family heirlooms have inadvertently been damaged during demo and/or construction. Even though all professional craftsmen take pride in the fact that they can do their work and minimize impact on the family’s daily life, clients can help us be successful by keeping important possessions out of harm’s way. We recommend any item of value, whether sentimental or monetary value, be kept away from any area under construction and prefer these items to be packed away and, if possible, stored offsite.

  • Set boundaries with your children and pets

It seems obvious enough, but it should be highlighted anyway- DO NOT allow children and/or pets unattended into construction areas during working and even during non-working hours. Construction sites are never a safe place for children and pets since they can’t discern the dangers looming. Please keep them far away from the tools, materials, and exposed mechanical systems.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and reward!

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