You’ve made the decision to remodel your home. Maybe you’re renovating the kitchen or main bathroom, or a whole house remodel. In your mind, your project should start as soon as you meet with a qualified remodeling company. And as much as we would love to begin your project right away, it’s just not possible. But we are here to guide you through the process, build a relationship and treat you like family.

Why your home remodeling project start date is 9-12 months away.

A major renovation is never easy. There are many details to plan and execute that it can seem like assembling a complicated puzzle, with the addition of each piece dependent on the one before it. Renovating during a pandemic is even trickier. For over a year, the global supply chain has been upended. Shortages of raw materials and manufacturers not being able to produce enough product has caused long delays of many products used in most remodeling projects – from lumber to plumbing to refrigerators.

According to the NY Times, “the shortages have been exacerbated by a home renovation boom that defied the recession. In 2020, as the U.S. economy fell by 3.5 percent, spending on home repairs and improvements rose more than 3 percent. Since March 2020, monthly online spending for home improvement products and appliances was, on average, 74 percent higher than pre-Covid levels.”

Labor & Material Shortages

When you combine the supply chain issues with an already tight labor market and then multiply that by the surge in demand, the result is a situation where the months in work backlog at most, if not all, residential construction companies has soared to all-time highs. Companies consistently need to navigate the area between hiring to shorten backlog wait times, and growing too fast. And at the present time hiring is as difficult as it has ever been.

The best we can do is to communicate clearly and often about the realities of the situation and set appropriate expectations with our clients. We will work as hard as we can to keep the process as pleasant as possible. While saws and measuring tapes are typically our most relied upon tools, education and communication are our most powerful tools during these unique times!

We believe that remodeling your home is an honor and a privilege. We will do our utmost best to give you honest timelines and work with you to improve your home life. Contact our Team today to get started on your dream home!

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