It is exciting to see the growth and development happening all around the Columbus Metro area. At The Cleary Company we have experienced tremendous growth in the last decade as well. As we’ve seen increasing demands for remodeling, we’ve also listened to our client’s needs and wants. This has resulted in the development of two new divisions, bath2BATH in 2018 and Home Services in 2020. These new divisions of The Cleary Company compliment our Remodel-Design-Build core business model and help our Team more efficiently serve our clients’ needs.

What does the growth in Central Ohio mean for careers in home remodeling?

While all of this growth has been exciting, it has not come without its challenges. We have felt these challenges most acutely in our workforce. The growth in our industry has placed intense pressure on the existing workforce. There has been and continues to be an increased demand for finding experienced, trained craftspeople. Not only to fill our labor needs but also the needs of our skilled Trade Partners. And we have decided to do our part.

There is a gap in the representation of the 35-50 year old demographic in the skilled trades due to the Great Recession. A decade ago, many skilled tradespeople that were in the burgeoning years of a career left due to the lack of work. This is one reason for the labor shortage we now find ourselves in. Another is the false narrative that life in the skilled trades is a “vocational consolation prize” (quote credit to Mike Rowe).    

While it seems that Millennials have mostly shunned the skilled trades due to this narrative and pursued college degrees to avoid it, Gen Z seems to be learning the lessons of previous generations supposed path to success. College is not for everyone, and many successful and rewarding careers do not need a college education. In addition to this understanding, debt from college has caused many to pause and consider the need for an expensive and potentially unnecessary college degree.

Opportunities for professional trade development and training.

At The Cleary Company we see the dawning of a new generation of motivated, hungry, and creative people searching out a life in the skilled trades. We have opened our doors to those searching for a meaningful and challenging career but need additional training towards building a career. Job Classifications have been created for every position in the company which gives our Team the information of knowing how to navigate and plan their career path. This also gives them ownership of setting and reaching personal goals.

There are many ways to prepare for a flourishing life, college is not the only one. Coming soon is an additional tool currently in development, a construction course. The goal? To teach the fundamentals of residential construction to those new to the remodeling industry. A Skills Punch Card will assist the apprentice craftsperson to develop the skills needed to further develop their career.

The growth of our region’s economy and therefore our industry can translate into growth for the individual; professionally and personally. This is part of the long-term strategy at The Cleary Company to solve the problems of the labor shortages in our industry. Sound interesting? Build your career with our Team, whose strategic growth is built for meeting the demands of a growing economy in Columbus.