‘Tis the season to be GR8FUL and so many of us have so much to be GR8FUL for, sometimes we just don’t slow down enough to see it.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to rekindle a relationship w/ a good friend, Adam. He told Cathy and me at dinner one night the he was diagnosed w/ cancer 6 yrs. ago that day. He told us he has been to The OSU James Cancer Hospital 142 times! He said, “Every time I go there I get to receive hugs, no matter what, they always remember my name and make me feel important.” Imagine how GR8FUL that would make you feel, not to be alone, but to have a support system in a time like that. He is the most positive, faithful and forgiving person and that is all so exciting to me. Adam coming back into our lives this time of year has been nothing less than a blessing and a reminder. He says what he has needed at this dark time in his life is a friend and how important it is to have me now. Who is the lucky one here, who is getting the lesson on being GR8FUL?

Kudos to the leadership at The James Cancer Hospital for identifying what we all need~ to feel and be loved! I hope this holiday season you too can be slow down and appreciate all that is going on around you. A vivid reminder of how much impact we can have on those around us.

I am GR8FUL to be a dad, husband, brother, friend, client, remodeler, coworker and employer. I am so thankful for all the wonderful relationships w/ each and every one of you.

This Holiday season I’m reminded of the good fortune that I have and how GR8FUL I am to be me.

Merry Christmas and Peace be with you and yours,