Looking back at 27 years in the remodeling business puts a huge smile on my face and brings me great joy to know it’s the culture that has built, sustained, and grown The Cleary Company. We have been so fortunate to always attract and retain great talent.

I never really set out to create the best remodeling company in Central Ohio, but I think we have earned a seat at the table if there is ever a contest. How would one judge the best anyway? I know I would judge it on the best Team first and foremost. A lot of people would say the best is based on the projects. True, but amazing projects are the results of an incredible Team.

Many may say the best is due to the clients they work for. True, but you cannot build for those clients if you don’t have great people with impressive skills.

In this journey, I have never been one to think the grass is greener on the other side. Remodeling is a challenging job of superior craftsmanship, client relationships, and a valued team culture. What we do is hard. We are an integral part of people’s lives. We are roommates, cohabitating sometimes for months at a time, while totally disrupting our client’s homes, all while life is still happening. Therefore, it is so important for us to surround ourselves with the best people and hold the bar high. When we surround ourselves with great people, the work becomes less difficult, it becomes fun, and we create relationships with those we work for and with. 

We have built a team, a culture, with everyone pursuing the same goal: Projects done on time, on budget and with raving fans. We promise that to be our mission. Occasionally, but rarely, we will drop the ball, yes. Will we do the right thing when that happens? Absolutely yes. We would not be in business for over 27 years without that principal.

We are blessed with the opportunities our clients provide for us to create amazing projects that improve their lives, and we know it is the culture lived out daily by our Team that allows us to keep doing what we do.

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Cheers, George