Winter is just around the corner. Is your home ready to withstand freezing temperatures and harsh weather? What can you do this fall to make sure your family is warm and dry this winter? Chief Operations Officer, Aaron Enfinger, CR says, “Maintenance on the outside of your home is much more pleasant to complete in the fall when the temperatures are mild. No one wants to be (or should be) on their roof during winter weather’s snow and ice!”

Our Team, your Columbus, Ohio home remodeling experts, list the top 3 must-do’s to maintain and protect your home from old man winter.

Clean your gutters & inspect your roof.

Clogged rain gutters can cause ice dams, which can lead to expensive repairs. After the leaves have fallen you’ll need to clear your gutters of debris and make sure gutters aren’t sagging and trapping water. It is also a good idea to tighten gutter hangers and downspout brackets. Now is also the time to replace any worn or damaged gutters and downspouts.

If you find colored grit from asphalt roof shingles in your gutters, beware, it may be time for a roofing replacement. Be safe and do a quick inspection of your roof. Look for warning signs of shingles that are buckled, cracked, or missing and rust spots on flashing. Any loose, damaged, or missing shingles should be replaced immediately.

Check drainage around your foundation & disconnect garden hoses. 

Take a close look at the soil around your foundation and be sure soil doesn’t touch your siding and there should be a slope away from your house of at least 6 vertical inches over 10 feet. That way, you’ll keep water from saturating the soil and prevent cracks and leaks around your foundation.

Turn off any shutoff valves on water supply lines that lead to exterior faucets and disconnect hoses. That way, you’ll guard against minor leaks that may let water enter the faucet. Leaving hoses attached can cause water to back up in the faucets and in the plumbing pipes just inside your exterior walls. If freezing temps hit, that water could freeze, expand, and crack the faucet or pipes. Make this an early fall priority so a sudden cold snap doesn’t sneak up and cause damage.

Seal air leaks & inspect your furnace.

Sealing air leaks around cracks between trim and siding, around window and door frames, and where pipes and wires enter your house not only saves energy, but prevents moisture from getting inside your walls. This is one of the most important tasks for preventing costly repairs from water damage.

Scheduling an appointment with a heating and cooling pro is the easiest way to get your heating system checked and tuned up for winter’s cold temperatures. An annual maintenance contract ensures you’re at the top of the list for checks and shaves 20% off the cost of a single visit. Also to make sure your furnace is running at its highest efficiency you should change your furnace filters every two months anyway and if you haven’t, now’s the time!

Protect your home and stay warm this winter by following our fall home maintenance checklist. For more information and a detailed winter prep checklist read HouseLogic’s Fall Home Maintenance article. 

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