Unveiling the Secrets to a Bathroom You’ll Love.

Are you ready to say goodbye to spending time in a dull, ordinary bathroom and hello to transforming your daily routine into a luxurious, rejuvenating experience? Remodeling your bathroom allows you to customize the space by filling it with unique features.

The Remodel-Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company in Columbus, Ohio is ready to collaborate and create the bathroom of your dreams that you’ll never want to leave. What can you do to elevate your bathroom experience? The sky’s the limit! Choose one or all of these ideas for your bathroom remodel to create a space designed to fit your needs.


  • Upgrade to a digital shower system. These digital thermostatic valves allow you to preset controls for multiple users that you can activate from your smartphone or with voice commands. Set your perfect temperature, ideal water pressure, multiple body sprays and shower heads, and even music. Check out our Team’s favorites from Kohler.
  • Install additional showerheads. A large shower can handle a rain showerhead, a handheld wand, and body sprays. You see where we are ging here—more is more!
  • Incorporate hydro, aroma, chroma and/or audio therapies into your bathing experience.
  • Create a wet room. This design is a tiled space partially or fully open that involves putting the freestanding tub in the same space with a separate shower.
  • Check out these fabulous shower examples below!


  • Go beyond the toilet by adding a bidet. Toto & Kohler make it easy to get both in one unit or upgrade your existing toilet with a new seat that includes bidet functionality. Features include preset or custom controls for water pressure, temperature, air-drying features, and heated seats.
  • Newer toilet models are sleek and come in one- or two-piece options, floor or wall-mounted, two heights, and come in two basic bowl shapes-round or elongated. Endless size options are available to fit any space.


  • Mood lighting is trending, and we love it! Smart LED lighting that changes colors and brightness levels creates the mood you want—relaxation, rejuvenation, or getting ready for work or going out vibes.
  • A layered approach to lighting is important in any room but especially in a bathroom remodel. Task lights are targeted for details (think putting on makeup and shaving). Ambient lighting creates an overall uniform light level in the room. Accent lights can be the bling or art piece of the bathroom (chandelier over the tub or a beautiful wall sconce) as well as highlight an object, or just add some visual interest.

A Few More Ideas!

  • Lighted mirrors and medicine cabinets provide ample task lighting but also brighten up the entire space.
  • Fluffy, thick, high-quality, absorbent towels are dreamy and decadent.
  • Warm towels! Add a heated towel bar or rack.
  • How about heated flooring? No more chilly toes!
  • Incorporating nature brings a sense of calm and boosts your mood and well-being. Add some green plants (a vertical garden?) river stones or water features.
  • Select eco-friendly products and fixtures like low-flow toilets, water-saving faucets, sustainable materials, or LED lighting.
  • Innovative storage ideas such as hidden cabinets, built-in shelving, hidden niches, open shelving, and more elevate the space.
  • Add seating with a small bench or chair. Giving you a seat to put on lotion, give yourself a pedicure or maybe just to sit and hide from the kids.
  • For more inspiration visit our Bathrooms Portfolio page!

Ready for a new bathroom?

Elevate your bathroom experience with smart technologies, cutting-edge design options, and wellness-oriented amenities. Contact our Client Relations Coordinator today and say farewell to your ordinary bathroom! Call 614-459-4000 or visit our website.