Recent activity in the central Ohio real estate market tells us that more and more families are planning to remain in their homes. Most of those homeowners are planning a remodel. Perhaps you are planning for a new bathroom, kitchen update, addition or creating a new footprint for your home? As you begin your collaboration with The Cleary Company Remodel Design Build, inevitably the discussion veers to building permits. Why are they important to you and how might they impact the time and cost of your remodel?

From a recent National Association of the Remodeling Industry article: “What are Building Permits? Building codes are established by cities and other municipalities to govern the safety and construction standards of all structures, including residences. Every municipality’s codes are different, but they may cover a variety of different facets of a home, including electrical, plumbing and mechanical components, as well as windows, doors, roofing, siding and decks.

Building permits, then, are intended to ensure work on a structure meets those standards. In residential construction, they usually apply to structural changes. For example, home additions or significant changes to the living areas of a home that officially adds to the home’s livable square footage. As the homeowner, building permits offer a way to hold your remodeler accountable for the work they performed.

Why are building permits important?

A well-executed project starts with a complete set of plans. Normally, these plans need to be submitted to ensure they comply with all existing codes. During the construction phase, inspections are conducted to verify the completed work aligns with the approved plans. Ohio has adopted the 2018 IRC (International Residential Code) as our guide. Each municipality will focus on their interpretation of the code, so working with a remodeler that has a relationship with your city’s building department’s staff and understands their expectations is very helpful in expediting inspections.

Impact on time and cost

Projects will need a permit if certain items are added, moved, significantly altered or if the new design will change the structure of the space. Once we have submitted for a permit, the waiting game begins on the approval process. We are usually able to build this time into the project mobilization timeline, however that may not always be the case. There are situations where the project cannot start because we are waiting on the permit to be issued. The complexity of designs and the size of projects can have an impact on the amount of time a permit submission spends with the plans examiner. Once the project plans have been approved and the permit issued, the dust can start to fly! Of course, when no permits are needed, the time from signed Construction Contract to Project Launch is streamlined and faster. 

All building permits carry a fee, which may be based on the estimated value of your remodeling project or on the home’s square footage. At The Cleary Company, we always include these costs in your project’s budget.

The many variables of building permits

While the residential building permitting process will add time and money to your remodel, it is important to not overlook this step in the process. The permits that are required in one city, may not be needed in another one. Permits protect both the homeowner and the remodeler. Be sure to always ask questions to understand why your project might not need a permit. Bottom line is – ask questions, do your research, and make an informed decision before choosing a remodeler.

As your Columbus, Ohio remodeling company, you can place your trust in The Cleary Company when beginning a remodeling project. Safety and our obligation to provide you the best remodel for your money are the hallmarks of our success. We do not cut corners and nothing in our process will jeopardize the integrity of our work.

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