Unlocking the Power of a Good First Impression

Think of your home’s entryway as a handshake, a first impression that sets the tone. It’s more than bricks and mortar—it’s a way to highlight your personality and create a seamless transition from the outside world into your abode. Are you ready to unleash the power of your entryway? Our Remodel-Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company in Columbus Ohio explores some design and style ideas from curb appeal to entryways—integrating design and style to bring new life to your home.

Make Heads Turn with Your Curb Appeal

  • Good Lighting: Install welcoming porch lights that cast a warm glow and enhance safety. Choose ones that fit your personality and your home’s style.
  • Color & Bling: Greet guests with a smile! A fresh coat of paint, paired with stylish door hardware and house numbers instantly transforms the entrance. Consider bold colors or unique finishes that reflect the style of the home. A new richly colored wooden door is quite the statement as well.
  • Dress up your doorstep: Update that welcome mat with a seasonal design, a fun message, or a classic look. Potted plants add color and vibrancy, a small water feature creates a calming mood, and seasonal decorations announce a festive presence.
  • Walk this way: Create a clear and inviting pathway to your home. Use pavers, stone slabs, or a new concrete sidewalk to welcome guests. Add with low-maintenance greenery along the borders. Don’t forget lighting your walkways for safety at night. Easy to install solar powered options can be found online or at most home improvement stores.

Enhancing Entryways

  • Storage Solutions: No one wants a cluttered entryway, but life happens, right? Say goodbye to clutter by using stylish benches, shoe cubbies, or built-in cabinets. Multifunctional pieces that offer storage and seating maximize space and functionality.
  • Mirror Magic: A strategically placed mirror in the entryway can open the space, reflect light, and create a sense of depth. Plus, who doesn’t like a quick outfit check or last glance before heading out the door?
  • Welcome with Color: Add a splash for a statement! Paint a piece of furniture, add some wallpaper to one wall, put some colorful pillows on the bench, or add a vibrant rug to personalize what might otherwise be a boring area.
  • Light it up: Layer lighting with a combination of overhead fixtures, table lights, and sconces. Depending on the need, you’ll have the right lighting. And a light left on at night welcome those late arrivals.
  • Greenery is life: Choosing some low-maintenance hardy plants to flank the door or sit on an entry table or bench not only purifies the air but adds a touch of nature. Snake plants, Monsteras, and air plants are good options.

Seamless Integration of Outside & Indoors

  • Let the outside in: If you have a mudroom or a porch, consider installing French doors, a new door with a larger window, or large windows to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. Creating a light and airy feel, while maximizing the natural light, can really brighten up the entryway.
  • Feature the flooring: Create a smooth transition from your entryway to the rest of your home with similar materials or colors to create continuity and visual flow. Or do the complete opposite and make the entryway floor a stand-alone feature to set the tone. There are no rules!
  • Control Clutter: Remember that storage idea we talked about? If you walk in and step over shoes, coats, and bookbags, storage is needed. Are you a bit unorganized? Create designated spaces for keys, mail, and other everyday items.

Need More Inspiration?

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Ready to Get Started on Your Entryway Remodel?

Remodeling your entryway doesn’t have to be a big task. It can be as simple as a few cosmetic changes. But if you’re ready to tackle a larger project that reimagines the front of your home give us a call! Our Development & Design Team will collaborate and guide you in unlocking the full potential of your home’s exterior or interior.

Together, we can create an entryway that not only makes a statement but also welcomes you home with open arms. Contact our Client Relations Coordinator to discuss your next remodeling project today! Call 614-459-4000 or visit our website.