As we continue to spend a good deal of time in our homes, they are a sanctuary now more than ever. Our kitchens have become the most used spaces in our homes, used for everything from cooking and office work to homeschooling and playtime.

But is your kitchen working for you the way you want, or are you seeing it for its flaws and disfunction? Do you envision new updated countertops for your island or a bigger island and work space as part of a kitchen remodel?

Our Design Team relies on Cambria’s top-quality, handcrafted product that combines both design and durability to keep our clients both happy and healthy within their home’s walls. Cambria quartz is nonabsorbent, scratch and stain resistant, and maintenance free. Adding Cambria quartz to your kitchen remodeling design might just make it the true sanctuary for you and your family.

At Home with Cambria, An American-Made Product

Known for its American-made natural quartz surfaces, Cambria designs often become not only the focal point of a room but also a piece of art for the home. Because Cambria natural quartz surfaces combine both design and durability—they’re nonabsorbent, scratch- and stain-resistant and maintenance-free—they all but guarantee a lifetime of beauty.

Even in Cambria’s selection of designs with movement—from Annicca and Brittanicca Gold to Mersey and Bentley—the looks remain timeless thanks to organic flowing veining and a captivating combination of tones that provide a versatility usually reserved for subtler styles.

For those who prefer a unique and one-of-a-kind aesthetic, consider designs with dramatic movement to be the ultimate art piece or focal point. Cambria designs with movement and veining are both functional and beautiful, adding interest and character to any décor scheme.

A standout design like Skara Brae™ not only looks great on countertops but can also be used as a backsplash. The accent of quartz behind the range can be seen below in this Powell OH kitchen addition.  

Cambria’s Skara Brae on island countertop & range backsplash

And this gorgeous Kelvingrove island features a waterfall edge. This is where the countertop is dropped all the way to the floor. Waterfall edges can be fabricated for one, two or more sides. The island pictured below has subtle movement compared to the bold veining in Skara Brae.

Cambria’s Kelvingrove with waterfall edge on island

Get the Look

As you look to make changes in your kitchen, you might be searching for more inspiration. Watch our #BuildBetter video tour of the Midwest Quartz showroom, the Cambria slab gallery located in Hilliard, OH, from the comfort & safety of your home! Our Designer, Annie Muharrem, introduces Cambria Market Rep, Nina Patel, & Midwest Quartz’s Director of Sales, Brooke Burchfield, as they highlight the gorgeous full slabs on display and the collection’s extensive design samples. They also discuss how you can infuse personality and art into your next remodeling project.

Or visit Midwest Quartz’s showroom in person @ 4401 Lyman Dr in Hilliard anytime Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm or Sat 9am to Noon.

If the inspiration hits you and you know 2021 is the year you decide to remodel your kitchen, we are here to work with you. Our Team can help collaborate in designing the kitchen of your dreams, with a show-stopping home remodel project with Cambria! Contact us to get started today!