Small Bathroom, Big Potential – Bathroom Remodeling Solutions in Columbus, Ohio.

Do you have a small bathroom? While totally serviceable, a small bathroom can be made better with a few tweaks and changes (or a complete renovation). The Development Team at The Cleary Company has created many unique and creative solutions when remodeling small bathroom footprints. Sometimes it’s just not possible to add square footage to a bathroom, but it doesn’t have to look cluttered or feel cramped. It is possible to create space, storage, and openness.

Check out these small footprint bathroom remodeling projects! Want to see more inspiration? Visit our Bathrooms Portfolio!

Design Details to Consider:

  • Using pocket or “barn style” sliding doors instead of swinging doors. If using a pocket door isn’t possible in your current space, reversing the existing door so that it swings out will give you space to move around.
  • Keep as much off the floor as possible to keep the room open. Consider a wall-hung toilet, a floating vanity, or wall storage, instead of cabinet storage.
  • Large tiles with minimal grout lines or tiles running in a diagonal pattern give the illusion of a larger room. Additionally, running wall tiles all the way to the ceiling draws your eye up and makes the room feel higher.
  • Keep it simple with soft, natural, neutral shades. A light color palette will create the appearance of a larger bathroom, but don’t be afraid to add a splash of dark or bold color for drama as an accent. If you choose a darker color, add pops of light, bright neutrals with the fixtures, countertops, and towels. Ultimately, color is such a personal choice.
  • Maybe it’s time for a wet room—with a spa shower and freestanding tub in the same space or eliminating the bathtub completely!
  • If you really must have a tub but need to save on space, choose a shower/tub combo and use a curved shower curtain rod.
  • Use compact fixtures designed for small spaces. Our Design Consultants can help source in-stock and custom pieces from a wide variety of suppliers in our network.

Lighting Matters:

  • The right lights will make a room feel larger.
  • Layer the lighting with under cabinet lights, mounted wall sconces, overhead recessed cans and illuminated medicine cabinets will create a mood or style and will cut down on shadows.

Magical Mirrors:

  • Strategically placed mirrors create the illusion of space, reflect light, and brighten up bathrooms, especially in bathrooms without windows.
  • Use a large mirror above the sink or one on a medicine cabinet. If there is a window, strategically place a mirror to bounce natural light around the room.
  • Install a beautiful, mirrored recessed medicine cabinet above the sink with a door that slides up like in the photo below!
Robern 48″ customizable mirrored medicine cabinet with interior lights.

Be Creative with Storage:

  • Go vertical with floor-to-ceiling shelving and cabinets. Bathroom essentials, towels, and toiletries are within reach but not taking up valuable square footage.
  • Adding built-in or better yet floating shelves above the toilet is another way to save space in a small footprint.
  • Recessed niches in the walls whether in the shower, above the toilet or near the vanity also save valuable space within a small bathroom.
  • Install the largest vanity that will fit maximum drawer storage.
  • Towel bars and hooks on the back of a bathroom door can free up any available wall space for shelving.
  • Custom storage solutions like pull-out makeup mirrors, in-drawer outlets, and divided drawers will keep all your toiletry needs from cluttering the countertops.

Ready to remodel your bathroom?

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