Ruthanne Hanlon, PPG’s National Color + Design Manager, recently chatted with us about color design trends and what impact this may have on our homes for 2018. Color can create a new vision, a different feel to a room, or just a long-awaited change to the space. We were excited Ruthanne could join us at our February 20th Wine & Design Open House where she presented the 2018 Color forecast to 18 local Interior Designer members of ASID!  We love her insight and are excited to share her thoughts with you.

What colors are trending for 2018?

Based on industry shows and consumer requests we’re seeing shades of blue, soft off-whites and warmer neutrals trending in both residential and commercial spaces. Dark hues are in abundance as well, including black or shades of black. The fear of darker colors has decreased drastically and many are embracing the dramatic effects dark colors provide.

What changes do you see color having in our homes this year?

Grays have been trending for ten years now. With many people looking for something new and fresh, warmer versions have been on the rise. Dark colors have become widely accepted for walls, furnishings and more. Shifting from cool grays to warmer versions will impact the overall mood of a space, making them less somber and more comfortable and inviting. The introduction of dark colors provides stability and interest.

What colors will remain popular?

Warmer grays, mineral blues, soft off-whites and shades of black or near blacks.


What impacts color trends each year?

World events. Everything from the economy, major national disasters, demographics and the political climate impacts how we live our lives and the spaces we want to surround ourselves with.

What do you think is important when choosing colors for a home?

Color schemes should be based on personal preference and which feel best to us. Referencing trends helps edit our choices but it’s critical we make our final selections based on which we like most and compliments the other elements in our spaces; flooring, furniture, etc.

What colors should we avoid in our homes and why?

There’s no such thing as a bad color. If it compliments and coordinates with the other colors in the space and appeals to you, it’s the right color.

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Our thanks to Ruthanne Hanlon for her expertise in sharing her knowledge with all of us.

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