Client Profile: As Sean’s kids get older, updating their shared bathroom took center stage. A bigger shower/tub combo, double sink vanity and better function were needed. Modernizing the bathroom with a hint of mid-century adds to the home’s overall look with the other updates he’s making. Some of the special details in the Grandview, OH bathroom were porcelain panels wrapping the entire shower area, exposed brick and a European shower screen for the shower glass.

Why did Sean choose bath2BATH and what was his experience like? As he says, it was like working with family–in the best way!

Q & A with Sean Grandview Heights, OH

Why did you select The Cleary Company for your bathroom remodel?

I had heard about The Cleary Company from my friend and neighbor. She had them complete a gorgeous kitchen remodel. I reached out and in discussing my plans, they recommended I work with their bathroom division.

Being a busy working parent, I know how much work it would take to manage all of the parts of a project. I needed someone to be able to remodel the bathroom from beginning to end–from demolition to design, from the construction work to the finishing touches. I wanted the white glove treatment and to work with a partner who, because they handle every part of the remodel, could complete this in a quick timeframe. It bathroom my kids use so it needed to be a timely remodel. Their Team has a great reputation. I knew they could handle everything the way I wanted it to be completed.

What did you like best about the bathroom remodeling process?

Their Team made it seem easy. They came to my house, looked at the space and talked through my options. I went to the bathroom design studio to look, touch, and feel all of the components I might use in the bathroom. I was presented with drawings, 3D pictures, and everything I needed to be informed and be part of the process. They followed up with clear processes– timeline, costs, written documentation. I knew who the team members were and who would be in my house. They made it easy to make decisions and get on with the rest of my life.

What was your favorite part of working your bathroom remodeling Team.

They made it enjoyable! Coury, Pete and everyone are really nice people. They were pleasant to work with and made the remodel an easy process. It was a serious project but we had fun doing it. It felt like I was dealing with family, they just didn’t stay overnight, ha! They are such a good group of people with great attitudes and that makes all the difference. I was also very impressed with how clean they kept the working area every evening and the rest of the house wasn’t affected at all by the dust or demolition!

Were there any unique features or changes you desired for your bath remodel?

I can think of two stories to tell. The first one is that they knocked out a wall to get to a closet in my son’s room that wasn’t being used. But it was diagonally sloped. We made it into a unique bath/shower that works really well in the space.

Stealing floorspace from an adjacent bedroom closet created enough room to install a custom double sink vanity.

The second story involves the fact that this home is very old. When they were knocking out the low soffit over the existing shower ceiling, they found a 100+ year old water tank produced by the Flint & Walling Mfg Co. It was removed and the extra cost was exactly what was written after the verbal assessment. Since it is part of the history of the house, I’m saving it for use in my outdoor landscaping in some way.

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of remodeling their bathroom?

By choosing a team that could handle all phases of the project, we were able to share multiple viewpoints/skillsets from everyone involved and discuss design and functional elements that might have otherwise been overlooked. Is the towel rack in the right spot, what kind of waterproofing do we need, where do the light switches need to go, which way does the door need to swing so as not to bump someone standing at the sink? Coury and the design process prevented me from making little mistakes in my choices or requests. Everyone is so experienced and we could all communicate our thoughts and not make any missteps. We made little adjustments without compromising the overall timeline or cost.

Describe your experience in three words?

Professional (I can’t say it enough), Perfection, and Fun (family-oriented)

Would you recommend The Cleary Company to your friends and neighbors?

Yes! If someone wants to take on a project like this…managing it yourself, the contractors, etc., and save money, could you do it cheaper? Sure, but with risk, delays, and stress. But if you want a high-quality project and feel like you are being taken care of, things being done right the first time, I will absolutely recommend them. For me, I know I will use them again!

It was great to work with them. I had other little projects I was working on around the house and they were always willing to offer advice or answer questions that I had. They felt like family and went above and beyond while they were here. They clearly hire people who like what they do and are good at it. The other thing that plays into my recommendation was the timeline. It was a realistic timeframe for the bathroom remodel to be finished. They weren’t rushed, materials were on site when needed, and everyone was able to get their work done in a timely manner. That takes planning and experience to have every part of the project come together on time.  

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