Kristin and Giovanni love being outside. Their home had a deck out back, but between the weather, the sun, and the bugs, they knew it was time to visualize something different. They wanted a space that they could utilize with more livability. The plan? Replacing the existing deck with a screened-in porch addition.

Q & A with Kristin & Giovanni — Hilliard, OH

What was the goal for your porch addition remodel?

We love to be outside, but also want to be protected from some of the elements—bugs, heat, and the rain.

What is your favorite aspect of your remodeled space?

It really accomplished what we wanted. We love that we can raise the windows up, sit down, and enjoy the breeze and the sunshine, but not be hot or swatting away the bugs.

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of remodeling their home?

1—Meet with different companies and understand what’s out there. Try to understand the different ideas presented by the various companies.

2—Don’t just choose the company with the best price. Choose the company that you have a good connection with and that can bring your project to reality.

3—Envision yourself in the space, walk through it, and plan it. Know how you will use it and how it will work for you. We spent a good deal of time thinking about how we wanted to use the space and what would work for us.

The Cleary Company Remodel Difference

Why did you choose The Cleary Company to complete your remodeling project?

We interviewed several other companies. We liked everyone we met at The Cleary Company and felt they were a good match for us and our project. They saw what our vision was going to be. Also, we had researched the Eze Breeze product and wanted to use it. We brought it to The Cleary Company as part of the plan. They hadn’t used it before but were excited to try it out with us.

What was your favorite part of working with The Cleary Company and why?

The open dialogue we had throughout the project set us at ease. We really felt listened to and heard. After the project was finished, they came through and asked us how everything went, and what could they have done better or differently. The constant open communication was a strong indicator of their commitment to their clients.

Who from our Team stood out & how did they exceed your expectations? We liked working with Aaron—we talked with him from start to finish. We felt we could go to him at any point and have an open dialogue.

Just for Fun!

If you were asked to explain in one word why you choose to do business with The Cleary Company, what would it be?

Quality. Communication.  (We each chose a word!)

Would you recommend The Cleary Company?


Want to Learn More?

If you have a project you are thinking about, reach out to us. As you read, these clients knew one of the products they wanted to use in their porch addition and we collaborated to create a plan and make it work. After all, you become family when you work with us! Want open communication and collaboration with your home remodeler?

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