“It’s time!” During the summer of 2020, Katie and Mario decided they were ready to remodel 2 bathrooms in their Hilliard home built-in 1991. Both spaces were not only past their prime with dated fixtures and finishes they were also not functioning well for the family’s current lifestyle.

The first remodel completed by our bath2BATH Team was the hallway bathroom used mainly by the couple’s two daughters. The footprint remained unchanged but the space was gutted and all was replaced top to bottom. It was important that we completed the hall bath first since we would all use it while the main bath was in construction.

Second, on their list was the primary en suite. This bathroom required a complete redesign of the footprint. This project was completed by our awarding winning Design-Build Team.

Q & A with Katie & Mario Hilliard, OH

What was the goal for your remodeled bathrooms?

Our hall bathroom was basic, old, cracked and broken. We wanted a modern beautiful updated space. Although the space limited the size of bathtub we could select, we were delighted to be able to go with a deeper model to be used as a soaking tub.

The goal with our main bathroom, connected to our bedroom, was to create a private, calm Zen-like space. It was a poorly designed footprint with small cut-up spaces and builder-grade finishes. It only had one sink! The existing shower was very small, dark and had several cracked tiles. We were worried about the shower leaking and creating water damage. It was very important to us to have an open floorplan with additional storage, a larger shower and a double vanity with two sinks.

Which feature of your remodeled bathrooms is your favorite?

Everything! The deeper tub in the hallway is wonderful because we can fully soak in it. We also appreciated their recommendation of relocating the shower plumbing to another wall. This makes it much easier to use, eliminating the bending and reaching around the toilet. Both bathrooms feature custom vanities that are taller and shower niches that add much-needed storage.

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of remodeling their home?

  • Planning – Make sure you are ready to do it—we talked about it for years before we were ready.
  • Budget – Be prepared for it to cost a bit more than you think it will because it probably will.
  • Schedule – Give yourself time and understand that it may take longer than planned.
  • Construction – Be prepared for people in your home during working hours and, of course, the inevitable mess (even though everyone on our project did a great job of keeping our home as clean as possible).

We also learned that a good project manager makes a significant difference, giving us a primary contact with clear information and who is well-organized. I always knew who to call. Go with a company that sets you up with a project manager and the keys for success.

The Cleary Company Difference

Why did you choose The Cleary Company for your bathroom remodels?

We’ve lived in our home for 20 years and wanted it done well! We only had one other company look at our hall bath, but their options were a bit limited for what we wanted. My husband knew George Cleary from Bishop Watterson High School. When I was looking around on The Cleary Company website, I saw the option to use bath2BATH. This made sense for the hall bath since we would not be changing its footprint.

I did talk to some neighbors about their projects with other companies and it seemed like the pricing was going to be similar. When we visited the design center, we talked to Jayde and George. After speaking with him and everyone else at The Cleary Company, we made our minds up to do it the right and lasting way!

Because we had two construction options available to us, had seen their signs around for years and knew they were a reputable company we didn’t seek out any other remodelers.

What was your favorite part of working with The Cleary Company?

The people! One of our favorites was meeting Jayde the first day and walking into the office. We felt welcomed immediately and she showed us the options for bath2BATH. George also popped in to sit and talk with us. Everyone we worked with laid out the process and explained how each step would break down, start to finish. They helped us understand how long it would take.

Because our construction was during the pandemic, before vaccines were available, we were extremely pleased with the communication, cleanliness and safety precautions each person took while in our home. When my husband and daughter had to quarantine with COVID, everyone was so flexible and friendly when our project was on hold.

If you were asked to explain in one word why you chose to do business with The Cleary Company, what would it be?

Professionalism or Quality (I know it’s two, lol!)

Would you recommend The Cleary Company?

Yes! It was a team effort, and we are incredibly happy with our bathrooms.

Just for Fun!

Who stood out? Name a Team member(s) and how did they exceed your expectations.

Dan stood out because he basically did everything himself for the hall bath. The plumber and tile cutter helped, but he was a one-man show. His work ethic and talent were impressive.

Justin, the Project Manager for our primary bath, was amazing and kept everything on schedule.

Jayde, our Project Developer, and Kate, our Designer, were not on-site, but if there were questions we needed help with, they came out to our home to help out. We appreciated the design plans they created. We love Jayde because she’s so easy to talk to.

All the workers that came into our home worked hard, did the best to their ability, and were able to be flexible. There were big supply chain issues and when we had to wait on products or materials to arrive, they utilized the time they had by doing other parts of the project.

Want to Learn More?

Read our blog for more details on Katie & Mario’s remodeled bathrooms as well as other client and project profiles!

Our clients are awesome. We were honored to collaborate with Katie, Mario and others to create their visions of their much-loved homes. Remodeling is our main business but creating raving fans is our goal and we love what we do!