8 Remodeling Projects Large & Small

Meet Jane, she and her husband Joe have been clients of The Cleary Company since 2002! Over the years they’ve hired our Team to complete a total of 8 home remodeling projects ranging from new windows and an exterior face lift to a kitchen remodel. Working with Jane and Joe over the years has been a pleasure and we appreciate their trust in us.

Photo of Jane on the red carpet at our 2oth anniversary party, September 25, 2014!

What has been your favorite part of working with The Cleary Company?

My favorite part is the quality of work they do! I have high expectations and no matter the project big or small, they’ve completed what I expected.

Why did you originally choose The Cleary Company to complete your renovation/remodeling projects? And why did you continue to choose them for future projects?

We had seen their job signs in the area and George is our neighbor. We know him personally which is very important. He even stopped by one night to just check and see how the project was going and how we were doing.

One of the main reasons I went with them for our last two projects, all new windows and a kitchen remodel that included removing interior walls, was the fact that they have a design team. I had seen some of their completed projects on social media and in person.  For us to take on a project of this size when you’re committed to staying in your home that is 50+ years old, we didn’t want it to look like we did a remodel. We wanted it to look like we updated a home and everything still flows. I knew that they would be able to accomplish my vision. Their Team and the quality of work is why we’ve had them do so many projects over the years.

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of remodeling their home?

Do your homework! If it’s a huge project then you should seriously consider if living through a remodel is what you really want to do. Weigh all of your options, location, cost to remodel, moving or building new. If you do decide to remodel, seriously consider moving out during the project. It’s hard to live in it day to day when people are interrupting your schedule. It can be done, but it’s hard.

Who is your favorite team member? They’re all good!

I just love Laura and learned to trust her from the very beginning that she was going to create a design plan that reflected my vision. I didn’t want to get rid of my original kitchen cabinets because they didn’t look like they needed to be replaced and she was able to pull everything together so it didn’t look like I had old and new mixed together. Her design insight is incredible.

Rob, my project manager, made sure that when something came up he addressed it. The open communication was perfect.

If you were asked to explain in one word why you choose to do business with The Cleary Company, what would it be? Integrity

Listen to Jane discuss her experience with our Team in this video from our 2017 Client dinner!