Alex and Lisa have lived in their home for 15 years. Their kids are grown and all moved out. They knew it was time for some changes to make the 4,100 sq. ft. ranch their forever home. The recent, extensive remodel was the first large-scale project they’ve undertaken and they couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! Our Team enjoyed working with them on the open concept home remodel. Read on as they share more on their experience.

What spaces did you have redesigned?

The remodel included significant changes to the floorplan and updating the kitchen, family, living and dining rooms, along with the master bathroom. Walls were removed in the main living spaces to create an open layout which we desired for large family gatherings. Featured between the dining and living spaces is a new double-sided fireplace with custom bookshelves flanking both sides.

What is your favorite feature of your newly remodeled home?

I (Alex) like the living space because it’s now open and natural light comes from both sides of the house. The large front windows are new and we can open them–which we couldn’t do with the old windows. We have full light streaming in and good breezes! The fireplace warms the room without having to turn up the heat in the entire home. My wife, Lisa loves the kitchen because of the increased prep space and storage. The new design improved the kitchen’s layout and makes it easy to prep meals. She is a baker and with the large island and multiple ovens she is able to cook and bake even more! And we both love the air jet soaker tub in our new master bathroom. Along with the heated tile floor, we feel like we have our own spa.

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Why did you choose The Cleary Company to design and build your remodeling project?

We spent several months trying to find a contractor in our area that we could work with and have them complete the entire scope of our project. Since we have a connection to the Cleary family, through our kids attending college together, we reached out to George to see if our project was a good fit. John Coleman, our Project Developer, met with us and understood what we were looking to accomplish and it was an obvious choice to hire The Cleary Company to complete our remodel. We are thrilled. We feel fortunate to have had the family connection and knew of their great work already.

What was your favorite part of working with The Cleary Company and why?

When we first reached out to George, it was because we wanted someone who could do everything from design through the build and manage everything for us in one company. We wanted to work with someone who had been through a project like this before, did good work and could manage it all. This was our first big project and everyone on the Team worked through it with us, step by step. No project goes without a few issues or changes and everyone addressed all of our needs professionally. The work was tremendous, so well done and thought out. We enjoyed all of the personalities of the people we got to work with along the way.

Was there a Team member(s) who stood out? How did they exceed your expectations?

Each one in their role stood out. John, from our very first meeting, explained how the scope and process of the project would work. Matt and the design group really listened to us as we discussed how we wanted the project to come together. Eric, our Project Manager, was a pleasure to work with during construction. Steve and his carpentry team did amazing work. Even Joe, the remodeling apprentice, had a connection to a high school buddy of my son’s. We were able to build relationships with all of these folks as they were in our home over the three months. It was very enjoyable! And of course, none of this would have happened without George telling us he would be willing to work outside of their normal service area and we can’t thank him enough!

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of remodeling their home?

Find somebody who can do everything you need for the whole design-build process. I can’t imagine myself having to coordinate everything that had to happen if I was using different people or companies for the remodeling project. Search for a company with experience, a good reputation and completed projects they can point to demonstrating good, high-quality work. This is a huge investment and a tremendous disruption while you’re going through it. It’s important to work with someone you trust. When the project is completed, you want it to be what you wanted and that’s what we got with The Cleary Company.

Do you have one word why you choose to do business with The Cleary Company?

Quality, but I would also add relationships. We had some fun along the way and that was special but it was the time and attention they paid to us was very much appreciated. We had no crazy surprises and the project went the way we expected. The Team was adaptable as we threw them a few curveballs. They were flexible and worked with us to make what we wanted to happen with our plan, budget and schedule.

Project photos – Before & After:

BEFORE – Kitchen remodel
BEFORE – Master bathroom remodel
New Master Bathroom – custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, heated tile floors
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