Skilled trade jobs in the burgeoning construction and remodeling industry are in high demand in the Columbus, Ohio, area and throughout the country. Many of us have been told a college education is the only way to a successful career. However, we know firsthand a career in construction and the skilled trades can be fulfilling, satisfying and lucrative!

We challenge you to find out more about a trade you find interesting, get the schooling or on-the-job training you need, and pursue it with passion. You will be able to build a stable career in construction and remodeling if you’re willing to work hard, stay motivated, and enjoy solving problems. For example, a great start is to check out Columbus State Community College‘s program offerings.

What jobs are available in the construction and remodeling industries?

  • All skilled trades are currently in high demand! Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, tile setters, HVAC technicians, welders, and masons.
  • The current labor shortage is bound to continue. As the current talented workforce ages out, the need continues to grow.

Benefits of pursuing a career in the remodeling and construction industries:

  • It’s rewarding! Specifically, at The Cleary Company, we are primarily residential remodelers and find creating, building, and fixing intrinsically rewarding. At the end of the day, we see a real and tangible result. Walls are framed, floors are laid, rooms are painted, and plumbing is installed; it’s satisfying to see what you and your team have created.
  • You directly impact the quality of life for your clients. This is because you get to work in their homes, build rapport, and get to know their daily life. Their appreciation of your work is rewarding as well.
  • Jobs are plentiful. Due to retirements and fewer people entering the industry, you will have job security.
  • Residential real estate continues to be a booming industry in Central Ohio and with this come all of the jobs needed to build and remodel homes. Your skilled trade will always be needed.
  • You can earn a comfortable, even lucrative, income.

How important are construction trade jobs?

Remodeling Apprentice – Joe Hamlett
  • If current jobs continue to go unfilled the labor shortages in trade careers will continue to rise. Due to this, the availability of these services will become harder to secure, resulting in the window to complete home improvement projects will become longer and, most likely, remodeling costs will go up at an accelerated rate.
  • “People place a high value on the talents of a tradesperson. Just ask someone that needs a toilet fixed or old light fixtures replaced how they view the tradesperson who helped them fix their home,” shares General Manager of The Cleary Company, Aaron Enfinger, CR. “One of the keys to people loving where they live is loving how it functions. Or conversely, how they hate it because it has so many things that do not function properly. Loose handrails, doors and locks that won’t shut or latch; When a tradesperson fixes these concerns, the value of their skills skyrocket to those whose quality of life was just enhanced.” 

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