ActionCOACH & The Cleary Company Make a Difference

There are those that believe success in business and leadership just takes hard work. But at The Cleary Company it is our opinion that hard work alone isn’t enough. You must make sure you are pointed in the right direction as you are working hard. It is ideal to have someone looking over your shoulder to guide you and your business along the way!  That is exactly why our Team works closely with ActionCOACH Columbus. They are a partner that helps us navigate the uncertainty of the business landscape. What that means for our design-build remodeling Clients is that we consistently work hard and smart to improve our business practices and leadership skills to be the best choice for their remodeling needs.

Below is some of the advice our Team has received from ActionCOACH.

Staying positive as a leader is essential in performing your job. To make sure you stay positive we have five pillars of self-care that we as coaches have our teams, managers and leaders all do. 

  1. Consistent Learning. Make sure that you’re always growing. Our brains are built to get rid of synapses that are not needed, as an energy-saving measure, causing our cognitive functions to slip after we graduate from college or cut back our workload near retirement. A consistent habit of learning has been proven to increase life expectancy, and certainly cognitive ability in that life. 
  2. Meditation. Regular meditation needs to be a part of your life. Get a meditation app or meditation audio of some kind to be able to shut your brain down just for a few minutes to recoup and recharge. 
  3. Exercise. Whether you walk, run, bike, swim, lift, or dance, exercise has a positive effect on not only your body, but your brain. The endorphins released when you exercise have been proven to increase positive outlook and decrease depression. 
  4. Affirmations. What you say to yourself when you’re by yourself can affect your outlook on every facet of your life. Saying out loud what you believe to be true about your present or future can reprogram your brain for positive thinking. Try things like “I am a successful leader.” or “I have great ideas that people want to hear.” It may feel uncomfortable at first to say these statements out loud but keep going. 
  5. Gratitude. Start your day being grateful for what you have and where you are. One of the easiest ways to do this is a gratitude snooze. Instead of falling back asleep after your alarm goes off, take that time to think of the things that are going well in your life. Try writing in a gratitude journal, capturing why you are grateful for the people, circumstances and experiences around you. Multiple scientific studies have concluded that cultivating the habit of gratitude influences not only your mental health, but your sleep health, physical health, and health of your relationships. 

Creating a positive culture starts with the leaders. In all of these positive habits, show your team the way and lead by example. 

As your remodeling experts our mission is to – “Thrive on improving the happiness of our clients and the functionality of their homes through our Remodel-Design-Build experience and have fun while doing it.” We focus on this mission daily and with ActionCOACH’s insightful guidance, we are fulfilling that mission through a positive culture and being leaders in our industry. What can you do to build your leadership skills?

Winner – Best Company Culture BizX Conference Nashville February 2020