My 8th ride!

Pelotonia is at the top of my list of favorite things every year, its exciting to know you are helping others, the momentum Pelotonia has is incredible. I have ridden a total of 1052 miles and raised $21,945.00 for cancer research because many of you have supported me on this incredible journey. Some every year since my 1st ride in 2010! Your support not only means a lot to me but really helps so many that are in remission, undergoing treatments, supporting others thru their cancer journey, missing their loved ones that passed from cancer, and so on. Your support brings hope to the whole world that we can beat this nasty disease, one pedal stroke at a time, one dollar raised at a time.

I would strongly encourage you to ride with me in 2018 (25 or 50 miles?) or there are even many ways to help by volunteering. Please come see what its all about!

Blessings and Gratitude,