Why building a home addition makes sense for your family.

Do you need more space or functionality in your home for a growing family? Maybe you need a home office or want a sunroom? Or do you desire a ground-level primary suite for aging in place in your home of 20-30+ years?

A design-build home addition can provide many benefits for your family. Our Remodel-Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company in Columbus, Ohio is who you can trust to collaborate with you to develop and execute a plan that works for your family and lifestyle.

Furthermore, adding on to your home is a wise investment to make for your family, especially when you want to stay in your neighborhood. The following are some benefits to consider, helping you decide when it’s time to add on to your home.

  1. Increase family living space. How great would it be to expand part of your beloved home without having to move or leave your neighborhood? Adding a bedroom, family room, home office, blowing out the wall to expand the kitchen, or adding a sunroom keeps you in your home without the hassle of moving. Extra square footage can greatly impact the quality of life for your family and give you the extra room you need to grow.
  2. Comfort, functionality, and personalization. Designing an addition for your home allows you to tailor your design plan to suit your family’s preferences and needs. Customizing the plan during development and design gives you the flexibility to create a spa-like bathroom, a functional home office, a spacious family room, or an additional bedroom to serve as a primary or a guest suite. Perhaps it’s the addition of a 4-season room to complete your vision for your backyard oasis. Personalizing it ensures that your home is tailored to your lifestyle and design aesthetic.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness. Of course, a home addition will cost you money. But that will pale in comparison to the cost of purchasing a new, larger home. The cost of moving to a new home involves real estate agent fees, closing and moving costs, and potential renovations to make a new home yours. A home addition allows you to add the room you need, without the cost of relocating to a new home. A side benefit, you will increase the value of your property, depending on what you add to your home. Additional square footage usually translates into a higher market value.
  4. Aging in place. This is a top consideration for many of our design-build clients. They love their home, their neighborhood, and their community. But a two-story home that worked for their family isn’t working as well now that the kids are gone, and the parents are getting older. The need for more living space on the first floor is a common theme we encounter. Creating additional kitchen space, a first-floor primary bedroom and bathroom suite, and a sunroom is high on the list for remodeling projects.

Watch the Home Additions playlist on our YouTube channel to see how we’ve transformed many homes in central Ohio!

After you hire the Remodel-Design-Build Team at The Cleary Company, we will not only collaborate with you to develop and execute a plan that works for your lifestyle but our Team will handle all of the details. We are responsible for the budget, scope of work, design plan, quality and completion of your project as well as,

  • Provide you one point of contact.
  • Navigate your local zoning regulations.
  • Draft construction documents & plans for building permits.
  • Determine any impacts on the overall aesthetics of your property.
  • Work within your budget by simultaneously designing and estimating your project.

What does a home addition cost in Columbus, Ohio? Read our blog to see what investment ranges you can expect when hiring a design-build firm for a home addition.

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