A referral from George’s cousin yields great results for a new client’s bathroom remodel. An older Worthington home with a bathroom that had some minor renovations done to it previously just wasn’t the right style for Amy and Doug. They decided it was time for a renovation of their guest bath. Little did they know, but a friend of theirs had a cousin with a remodeling company and made a recommendation to them. That company was The Cleary Company. The rest, they say, is history! Their bathroom didn’t involve changing plumbing, removing walls, or drastically changing the footprint, so they talked with our Team at bath2BATH about their remodeling needs.

Q & A with Amy & Doug Worthington, OH

Why did you select bath2BATH for your bathroom remodel?

We have a friend who used to flip houses and had previously done some work for us. We asked him whom he would suggest, and he recommended his cousin George Cleary. We reached out and were impressed with the remove and replace bathroom division. This is a guest bathroom so didn’t need to knock down walls or change the existing footprint, just demo old and replace with new everything.

What did you like best about the process?

Going into it, we knew this was a small project and we had talked to a few other companies before asking our friend for a recommendation. We got the impression from these other companies that we were just a small project and not really worth their time. We understood that, as we didn’t really expect any special treatment, but we wanted someone to care about our project.

Then we talked to Coury at The Cleary Company. We loved him as soon as we met. We knew from the first meeting that our small project was a fit. He and the rest of our bathroom remodeling Team would help us create our vision and make it what we wanted. They knew our guest bathroom was important to us. We wanted value-added and to come in with our ideas, but we also wanted to hear, “Ok, but have you thought about this?” That is exactly what Coury gave us, his knowledge of materials and design. The process was so easy!

What was your favorite part of working with The Cleary Company?

We appreciate working with their team. The bathroom remodeling team, provided us with continuity, accountability, and trust. We connected with them and felt comfortable having them in our house. As the project progressed, we found out one of the guys working on the bathroom went to high school with my son—a fun surprise! Another wonderful aspect about working with them was that with the supply chain issues if something arrived damaged, wasn’t available, or would not arrive in time, Coury was able to pivot and get us other materials that worked as well, if not better, making sure we didn’t lose any time.

Were there any unique features or changes you desired for your bath remodel?

We wanted it to be more modern and updated, with simple clean lines. We love how it turned out. Coury took our ideas and really made them shine. The glass pivot shower door is one of our favorite parts. It opens up a small space. We couldn’t be happier.

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of remodeling their bathroom?

Talk to Coury at The Cleary Company. He makes you feel like you are going to get exactly what you want and it isn’t going to be difficult. When you talk to them, you’ll know they understand your vision and what you need. Coury was an amazing first point of contact because he just has it going on and knows what he’s doing. He’s the guy you want on your job because he doesn’t get flustered or worried, he just makes it a smooth process.

If you could describe your bathroom remodeling experience in three words, what would you say?

Better than expected! We’re not saying we didn’t have good expectations, because we did, but this project exceeded our expectations.

Would you recommend The Cleary Company to your friends and neighbors?

Absolutely. They just make you feel like your project is the most important thing to them. They do splendid work and when they are at your house, your project is their priority.

Is a bathroom remodel in your future? Reach out to our Team here to start the conversation!