What once was a “wow” amenity years ago in many new primary bathrooms, now doesn’t hold this same affection. A large built-in garden tub was considered a thing of beauty back in the day but hasn’t stood the test of time.

Built-in garden tubs use gallons of water, are not easily navigated with their large tiled decks (especially as we get older), are difficult to clean, and take up valuable bathroom floor space. Garden tubs evoked the spa-like aesthetic we all craved in the 80’s & 90’s, but for today’s lifestyle, these oversized tubs just don’t cut it for many of our clients who are looking for easy care and maintenance for their bathroom remodels. In fact, removing them is the first request from clients looking to hire our team to design and rebuild their new bathroom.

Why remove it?

  • Install a larger walk-in shower with a smaller freestanding tub or no tub at all.
  • It could add value to your home, as most buyers don’t want a garden tub.
  • To free up space for more storage, a larger toilet area, double sinks, and more.
  • For a spa-like shower experience, filled with all the bells and whistles – steam, multiple showerheads, sound, lighting – to make it special. (You’ll never want to get out!)

Design ideas to spark your dreams:

Now that you’ve decided to remove your garden tub, what will you add in its place?

  • Consider a large walk-in shower. For living in place design, a zero-entry or low threshold shower eliminates the need for a large edge to step over.
  • A larger shower also allows for adding a bench, whether it’s used as a footrest or for sitting, they can be either built-in or removable.
  • Installing a larger vanity with double sinks creates more countertop space and storage.
  • Add additional storage by expanding a nearby closet, create a new closet, or add open shelving.
  • Free-standing tubs are much smaller but can still incorporate some of the functions of larger garden tubs. Our Designers like the Evanescence Collection from BainUltra.
  • A “wet room” design, incorporates the shower and free-standing tub in the same area which is typically separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass partition or tiled wall.

For inspiration, take a look at some of our gorgeous bathrooms after the removal of a garden tub!

Our award-winning Designer Team is here to collaborate with you to create a design plan that fulfills your vision of a new bathroom that’s not only a beautiful retreat but also functions for your lifestyle. Contact us today to get started! 614-459-4000